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Tuburculosis Information

International students are required to have a Tuberculosis (TB) skin test on arrival to campus before they are allowed to enroll. This is generally on the first day the student arrives.

The TB skin test is a small injection given in the forearm and then "read" by observing the injection site 48 hours later. The cost for the test at the Student Health Center is $10.00.

Students who have had a TB skin test in their home country must have documentation of the test with the results reported in millimeters, not just "positive" or "negative". An x-ray is required by law in Oklahoma if a test result is 10 x 10 mm or greater. A result of 5 x 5 mm requires the test be repeated. Students who have x-rays in their home country are advised to bring a copy of the actual x-ray film with them to O.C.U.

TB Testing is also done if requested by any student, staff or faculty

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