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Immunization Information

All students regardless of year of study or where they live are required by Oklahoma Statute to provide documentation of vaccination against Hepatitis B and MMR.  Hepatitis B is a series of 3 injections given over a 6 month period.  MMR is usually given to children before elementary school and there are 2 injections.

All Freshmen living in the dormitories on campus are required by Oklahoma Statute to provide documentation of vaccination against Meningococcal disease or to sign a waiver declining this vaccine.  All students living in the dorms are encouraged to get the Meningococcal vaccination as well.  There are 2 types of Meningococcal vaccination available today:  Menactra and Menomune.  Menactra is a fairly new vaccine that may last longer than the Menomune vaccine, though no studies are completed as of today confirming this claim.  Menomune is effective for about 5 years after injection, though some people may have immunity for a longer period of time.  The meningitis vaccine is available for purchase in the Student Health Clinic.

When turning in records:

  • No original records will be accepted.  Make a copy of the immunization record for Student Health and keep the original in a safe location for your records.  Write your name and Student ID Number (SSN) on the records before submitting them to Student Health.
  • The record should have the vaccination and the date the vaccination was received.  If you do not have this information there are waivers available in the Student Health Office on Campus.
  • Mail immunization records and/or waivers to:

OCU Student Health Services
2501 N. Blackwelder Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK  73106

  • Or Fax immunization records and/or waiver to:
    • (405) 208-6016

Call Student Health with questions about immunization records and requirements at (405) 208-5090 or email us at studenthealth@okcu.edu.

Immunization Links:

Immunization Waiver MMR Information Sheet
Hepatitis B Information Sheet Meningitis Information Sheet
Immunization Price List Tetanus Information Sheet
Titer Information Sheet  




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