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First Year Experience @ Oklahoma City University
Staying Healthy

The first step to staying healthy is as simple as what your mother (or father) always told you: get enough sleep, eat your vegetables, and wash your hands.  Once in college, you are going to have a number of academic and social demands on your time, and despite your good intentions, you may need access to heath care from time to time.  OCU offers a fully staffed health clinic as well as student health insurance plans.

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Health and Disability Services
Oklahoma City University’s Student Health & Disability Services provides Registered Nurses and an Advanced Nurse Practitioner to assist students with primary healthcare needs. Student Health Services is committed to providing prompt and appropriate health care. Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle as a means to helping students achieve their highest potential. Each individual’s level of wellness has social, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual components. By providing opportunities to learn health-promoting behaviors, we help our students pursue higher levels of wellness throughout their lives. For an appointment, call 208-5090 or stop by the health clinic.
Personal Counseling Services
The first year of college can be a stressful time for many students, given that it is a time of great change and new challenges.  We believe it is important to provide students with a full-time personal counselor in order to provide access to  the professional advice necessary for healthy psychological functioning.  Call 208-4994 to make an appointment or visit Meinders 200. 
Intramural and Recreational Sports
Physical activity is essential for good health.  It helps you deal with stress and improves mood and sleep.  Physically, it helps improve balance, and combats obesity and heart disease, as well as other heath problems.  At OCU we have a variety of opportunities to maintain you interest in physical activity.  The intramural program allows for friendly competition between non-athletes and includes students and faculty in sports such as sand volleyball and flag football.  If you prefer to organize your own workout activities, the Freede Wellness Center is a 74,000 square foot recreation facility, complete with basketball courts, a running track and a fully equipped weight and exercise room. Freede is open convenient hours seven days a week to aid in maintaining or enhancing your physical wellness. If you have questions, call 208-5378 or visit http://www.okcu.edu/students/isports
Sodexho Food Services
Students often experience dramatic shifts in weight during their transition to college.  The right diet is important to maintain good heath and to minimize “the freshman 15 or 25.”  As you embark on your first year, you will have the chance to eat at all hours of the day. It will be important to look for balanced meals in the Dining Commons (The Caf) and in Alvin’s Café or in any late-night food runs to local restaurants. Students are encouraged to discuss their dietary needs with our culinary staff.  If you have any questions or comments about food services, please call OCU Sodexho at 208-5119 or visit the website http://www.ocudining.com

Mission of the First Year Experience
The First-Year Experience Program is committed to integrating new students into a diverse community that values intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth. To achieve this end, we utilize faculty, administration, student life, and current students to design and implement specially tailored programs and activities that help new students succeed academically and socially at Oklahoma City University and beyond.


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