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First Year Seminars
First year seminars are often taught by a student success coordinator or a faculty member in a particular college/school. The goal of first year seminars is to give new students an introduction to a particular academic area, such as business, arts and sciences, music, dance, religion.  OCU also offers a seminar to expose undecided students to the breadth of academic opportunities. The first year seminars are typically one credit hour courses, which also seek to foster the development of habits and skills that will encourage your academic success. If you have questions about the first year seminar in your college, feel free to contact your student success coordinator.
Courses Offered Fall 2006
Business Connections
Dance Workshop 1
Arts & Sciences Freshmen Seminar
Intro to Entertainment Business


First Year Experience @ Oklahoma City University
Getting Academic Support

First Year Seminars, Tutoring, Faculty Advisors, and Student Success Coordinators, are some of the major types of academic support available to OCU students.All OCU students take advantage of some type of academic support. It is never to early to seek advice or assistance with your academic program.

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Acquiring the skills to conduct quality research, writing, and test preparation is not easy.  You may find it especially difficult when you first encounter college-level work.  To give you academic support when you need it, OCU offers a variety of one-on-one tutoring services through the Learning Enhancement Center, in such subjects as French, Chinese, Spanish, math, economics, music theory, history, psychology, ecology, and English.
The Learning Enhancement Center is a valuable resource for students needing additional support in subjects, but our most frequent service is to respond to students’ writing assignments, enabling them to revise papers before submitting them for grades.  Any good writer, even professionals, will get feedback from other readers to ensure quality writing.
At OCU, you will be tutored by fellow students who have excelled in particular subjects.  LEC tutors have the experience of being a student, which helps them relate to you the strategies and skills that lead to success.
If interested in tutoring, please come to Walker Center Room 235 or call 208-5040 (In the computer lab on the second floor of Walker Center.
Faculty Advisors
Who better to provide you with advice than an expert in your field of interest? Whether you know exactly what you want to learn or need some direction you will be provided with an expert faculty member in your discipline who will serve as your resource person.  Your faculty advisor will work closely with you to design a course schedule that meets your individualized needs and career goals.  The OCU faculty is committed to “exceeding your expectations” and wants to guide you as you navigate through the surfeit of intellectual experiences offered at OCU.
Student Success Coordinators & Staff Academic Advisors
In addition to faculty advising, each school/college has a staff person responsible for student success.  The student success coordinators’ provide an additional source of academic advising, academic support, and professional development for students.  The coordinators primary role is to monitor the academic performance of the students, through consultations with faculty, reviews of midterm and end of semester grade reports and through meetings with students.  The success coordinators are a great source of knowledge regarding curriculum questions and academic planning.
How to contact your Student Success Coordinator?




Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Arts Management

Gaylord Center 154A


Kramer School of Nursing

Kramer Lobby


Meinders School of Business

Meinders 106B


Petree College of Arts & Sciences

Walker Center 105


Wanda L. Bass School of Music

Bass School of Music 6


Wimberly School of Religion



Mission of the First Year Experience
The First-Year Experience Program is committed to integrating new students into a diverse community that values intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth. To achieve this end, we utilize faculty, administration, student life, and current students to design and implement specially tailored programs and activities that help new students succeed academically and socially at Oklahoma City University and beyond.


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