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Advice @ Oklahoma City University
Words of Wisdom from Faculty and Staff

What words of wisdom would you offer a beginning freshman at OCU?
Don't be afraid to ask ANYTHING you don't know. OCU employees are here to help you, and we want to help you, but we can't if you don't let us know you need help.
Be yourself!
Be active and research all aspects of campus life. Stay in contact with advisors and mentors.
Learn first how to organize your time; all success in college and in your career will flow from that.
Meet everyone you can. Prepare financial aid early. Take a campus tour.
Smile, be happy, get along with everyone, and have a good positive attitude.
Make the most of you time here.
Seek the advice and counsel of upperclassmen and your professors. Traveling can help you find the way.
Meet friends, go to Chapel, get connected with OCU, make it your home.
Be glad you don't have 200 students in your class.
Become involved with student organizations and regularly participate in campus events.
You are entering an educational experience that truly cares about you.
The first semester might be tough but it does get better.
Be patient. Don't wish your college years away.
Become very familiar with the library and library staff because they are a needed and valuable asset to your education.
Ask questions during your visit, see the career counselor and ask questions because you need to be planning for your career as well as your education.
Study and add some recreational activities that will pay off in the future.
Regularly check and use your OCU email.
Develop a support group.
Jump in and get active. A lot of stuff is going on here
Make friends and leave your fingerprints all over OCU. Enjoy the smaller, family-oriented nature of the university. It's a small school and you can really make a difference.
Don't skip class.
Go to class - stay caught up with your classwork - and have a good time! You really can do it all.
Regularly check and use your OCU email.
Hunker down and make a difference in your life.
Be strong.
Do not worry if you do not have a major or if you life is not already figured out.
Stay on top of your work and don't get behind. Also, just do it. Go out and meet people by joining clubs and organizations. Don't just sit in your dorm and study.
Identify your goals and motivation.
Get to know your advisor and as many faculty members as possible. That way, when you need help you are ready resources.
Attend every class and make sure that your professors know your name. Engaged class participation counts more than studying.
Be responsible for your actions. Be active in educational planning.
Take advantage of every learning opportunity. Study like your life depended on it. It does!
Use your time wisely.
Talk with faculty, your advisor, librarians and staff members freely. Ask questions if you don't understand something.
Your professors want to know what you think. Keep up with your work. Ask questions. Community life is
also important.
Apply yourself to your studies and get involved with student activities.
Ask seniors for recommendations on the best faculty.
Ask. These people will help with any question if possible.
The only thing holding you back is yourself.
Take advantage of as many of the opportunities offered here as you can comfortably schedule. Don't be afraid to talk to your professors. More than anywhere else I have been, these professors are here for you.
Get started with paperwork far in advance. Stop depending on your mother so much. Talk to counselors even if you are afraid. It is time to start standing on your own two feet.
Go to class! Get involved with the campus community.
Take your classes seriously and always do your best.
Become involved in student activities and informal learning opportunities available on campus; be involved and connected. Ask for help! This is a very caring and supportive community.
Get to know your professors. Ask for help.
This is a great school where you can shine as an individual. Leadership opportunities are numerous and the lessons learned will help you in the real world.
That they try and look for the full purpose of the University. Don't narrow your relationships, be a committed student of life and advanced education. Get involved with all dorm and university activities. It will give you a well rounded knowledge of what life is really like.
If you don't understand something, find a reliable source and ask questions!
Take advantage of a wonderful learning environment. Make the most of every opportunity to be involved.
Be open to all the opportunities available to you while in college. Participate. Go to class. Do what you need to for your degree, then do more.
Realize that your freshman year is a brand new experience, ask questions, get to know other students, remember your advisor and the admin assistant of your major's department are always available and want you to feel welcome and excited about this new phase in your life.
Being away from home in a new environment can be difficult. OCU has a challenging curriculum and it can be intimidating at first. But hang on and tough it out and the rewards will be there. You may just discover your true potential. We really do create stars here.
Communicate, communicate, communicate. Keep you prof's and advisor informed if you are sick, missing class, assignments etc. We are here to help you.
Don't depend on mom and dad to get you through college but always know mom and dad are there when you need them.
Don't get overly involved! There are numerous opportunities for new students to dive right in, but they often forget that SCHOOL is the reason they came here. Make sure and keep time open to study and
This is a leaning opportunity that you can use at an early age.......don't blow it. To be successful in life requires an education.
Enjoy College academically and socially
Learn to balance academics with campus activities. It is just as important to become involved on campus as it is to receive great grades. However, you must learn that there may be times where academics come before a big event. Get to know your professors - they are your greatest supporters and champions for your success. If you don't tell them you're struggling with a subject, they'll never know. If you do tell them, you will find that, for the most part, they will go above and beyond to help you succeed.
Buy a parking permit and know the appeals process.
Have an open mind concerning other students.
Safety, Sufficiency and Satisfaction must be personally experienced or you don't belong here.
Be appreciative of the OCU staff...we are here to help with your education every bit as much as the faculty.
Similar to a new employee; get involved in as many organizations and activities as possible. Don't be afraid to make new friends. Seek out those opportunities.
Hit the ground running and don't give in.
Study, Study, Study and if you have questions seek solutions in a timely manner. DO NOT stop attending a class just because you are having problems with an instructor. It is important that the freshman student understand the resources available to him/her and the many methods available to resolve a problem. It is very important for a freshman to understand that it is difficulty in build up a low GPA. The freshman student needs a great deal of support and a reliable contact person.
Have all your financial aid in order.
Have an open mind concerning other students.
Go to class. Do your work. Respect your faculty and your student colleagues. Sleep enough. Have a good time.
Get involved with the university and make a difference.
Live on campus, get involved in campus life, and go to class!
Never assume anything
Understand your academic requirements and financial aid. Don't depend on your parents to do everything for you. You may end up disappointed later because you did not rely on yourself to get the information you needed.
Do not overload yourself with too many activities which could affect your academic success. Monitor your transcript each semester and make sure you are on track to graduate. Do not rely completely on your advisor, take responsibility for your actions and your success

Mission of New Student Orientation
At OCU, we believe that you’re a name and not a number.  Orientation is a program to help you make a successful transition to college. We strive to provide you with the right experiences to start college successfully so that you have the tools to finish successfully.  That is why we spend a year planning and working together with students, faculty, and staff, to provide you with a week of unique social and academic activities.


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