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Instrumental Music Education
Certification: Elementary/Secondary

Faculty: Mailman, Raiber, Schimek, Steffens
Adjunct Faculty: Kellogg, Mueller, Robinson

General Education Requirements: 40 credit hrs
Music Major Requirements: 99 credit hrs

First semester: 10 hrs

MUS 1112 Theory I 2
MUS 1122 Aural Skills I 2
MUS 1133 Music and the Human Experience 3
Major instrument 1
AMA 1571 Class Piano I 1
Major ensemble* 1

Second semester: 7 hrs
MUS 1212 Theory II 2
MUS 1222 Aural Skills II 2
Major instrument 1
AMA 1671 Class Piano II 1
Major ensemble 1

First semester: 9 hrs

MUS 2112 Theory III 2
MUS 2122 Aural Skills III 2
MUED 1342 Brass Methods 2
Major Instrument 1
AMA 1771 Class Piano III 1
Major ensemble 1

Second semester: 10 hrs
MUS 2212 Theory IV 2
MUS 2222 Aural Skills IV 2
EDUC 2001 Introduction to Teaching 1
MUED1242 Woodwind Methods 2
Major instrument 1
AMA 1871 Piano Class IV 1
Major ensemble 1

First semester: 12 hrs

MUS 3123 History of Music I 3
MUS 3142-01 Conducting Fundamentals-Instrumental 2
MUED 1442 Percussion Methods 2
MUED 3232 Instrumental Methods 2
Major instrument 1
MUS 1371 or 1471 Voice class 1
Major ensemble 1

Second semester: 13 hrs
MUS 3223 History of Music II 3
MUS 3242 Conducting—Instrumental 2
MUED 1142 String Methods 2
EDUC 3103 Human Development 3
Major instrument 1
Minor instrument 1
Major ensemble 1

First semester: 15 hrs

MUS 4113 Form and Analysis 3
MUS 3113 Orchestration 3
MUS 4123 History of Twentieth-Century Music 3
EDUC 3213 Students with Exceptionalities 3
Major instrument 1
Minor instrument 1
Major ensemble 1

Second semester: 10 hrs
MUED 2033 Technology for the Music Educator  3
EDUC 3113 Psychology and Assessment of Learning 3

Major instrument 1
Minor instrument 1
Major ensemble 1
Senior recital 1

First semester: 13 hrs

MUED 4239 Student Teaching 9
EDUC 4663 Education Seminar 3
Piano proficiency—Required
Senior recital level (1/2 recital)—6B
Graduation level-7A
Minor instrument level–1B

*The ensemble for instrumental education majors is Wind Philharmonic and/or Symphony Orchestra. The music education major should apply for formal admission to the teacher education program during the third semester. A minimum of 24 credits must be completed for admission. The student may not enroll in Senior Recital until the appropriate applied level has been achieved. The student may not enroll in Student Teaching until the piano proficiency examination has been passed. Students are encouraged to join the Music Educators National Conference (MENC). The B.M.Ed. instrumental track requires 145 credit hours per the State of Oklahoma teaching certification requirements. Teacher certification programs are developed in accordance with Oklahoma State laws and, therefore, are subject to change. During the Student Teaching semester, enrollment consists of EDUC 4663, MUED 4239, and major ensemble. Bass School of Music policy also allows enrollment in applied music lessons. All other degree requirements, including the Senior Recital, must be completed prior to Student Teaching.

All degrees require a minimum of 124 earned credit hours.

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