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Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma History

Oklahoma History


Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture -- brief articles with references to additional sources.

Oklahoma Historical Society Research Center -- newspapers, videos, images, maps, records.

Oklahoma State University Digital Collections -- magazines, reports, images, oral histories.

Oklahoma Digital Prairie -- documents and images on history, government, literature.

Data & Research -- demographic and economic information (OK Department of Commerce)

Carl Albert Center Online Exhibits -- Oklahoma politics from territory to the present.

SoonerSearch -- searches websites of 200 state agencies, programs, universities.

Documents.OK.gov -- official state documents and reports back to 1978.

Oklahoma Text Search and Retrieval System -- search Oklahoma constitution and statutes.

American Indian Cultural Center and Museum -- links to all Oklahoma tribes and nations.

Explore Oklahoma -- Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department.

Biodiversity Information and Data -- Oklahoma Biological Survey.

Oklahoma's Past -- Oklahoma Archaeological Survey.

Education, Outreach -- Oklahoma Geological Survey.

Timeline of Methodism in Oklahoma -- covers the period 1818 to the present. 

IndividualsWoody Guthrie; Ralph Ellison; Angie Debo; Will Rogers; Abe Lemons

EventsTrail of Tears; Dust Bowl; Tulsa Race Riot (pdf); Oklahoma City Bombing


Oklahoman Archive -- Oklahoma's newspaper of record; covers 1901-present (requires login)

Gateway to Oklahoma History -- historical newspapers statewide, 1854-1923.

Chronicling America -- historical Oklahoma newspapers, 1880-1922 (Library of Congress)

Newspaper Archive* -- Indian Territory newspapers and later; see "Genealogy" tab, MLS.

America's Historical Newspapers* -- see "Genealogy" tab, "America's Genealogy Bank" link, MLS.

Tulsa World -- EBSCO full-text, 2006-present (requires login); NewsBank*, 1989-present.

Journal Record -- business news; EBSCO full-text, 2004-present (requires login) 

NewsBank* -- newspapers statewide since 1981; see "Newspapers" tab, MLS databases.

NY Times, LA Times, Wash. Post* -- cover 1851-2007; see ProQuest, "Newspapers" tab, MLS. 

*Requires Metropolitan Library System (MLS) library card

Journals, Magazines, and Periodicals

Chronicles of Oklahoma (print) -- full-text, 1923-1962; contents, 1963-2002, 2003-2010

Annotated Guide to the Chronicles of Oklahoma, 1921-1994 (print) -- index to Chronicles.

Early Oklahoma Serials -- full-text, 1890-1910 (OSU Library)

Oklahoma Today -- full-text, 1950-2011.

Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science -- full-text, 1921-2011.

Sturm's Oklahoma Magazine -- important statehood-era source; full-text, 1905-1911.

Oklahoma Politics (print) -- 1992-2009.

Oklahoma Almanac (print) -- economy and government information, 1993-2010.

Directory of Oklahoma (print) -- earlier title of Oklahoma Almanac, 1918-1992.

Oklahoma Red Book -- early economic and political source; full-text, 1912.

Century, Harper's, Scribner's -- cover 1850-1899 (Making of America website)

Books (print available in Dulaney-Browne Library)

The Story of Oklahoma -- standard textbook, 1994.

From Mounds to Mammoths -- brief and readable overview of Oklahoma prehistory, 2000.

Historical Atlas of Oklahoma -- 2006; earlier editions also helpful: 1976; 1986.

Oklahoma Women's Almanac -- social and political topics, territorial-2000.

Oklahoma Politics: A History -- standard account covering territorial-1970s.

Indian Tribes of Oklahoma: A Guide -- concise articles on all tribes and nations, 2009.

Oklahoma Politics and Policies -- detailed and comprehensive overview, 1991.

Oklahoma I Had Never Seen Before -- critical essays on history, 1994.

After the Trail of Tears -- Cherokee people in the 1839-1880 period, 1993.

And Still the Waters Run -- classic work on Indian dispossession, 1941.

Contrary Neighbors -- Indians during territorial era, 2000.

Indian Territory and the U.S., 1866-1906 -- tribal governments before statehood, 1995.

Closing the Frontier -- Oklahoma's radical early history, 1986.

Alfalfa Bill Murray -- standard work on Oklahoma's founding father, 1968.

Riot and Remembrance -- account of Tulsa Race Riot, 2002.

Dust Bowl -- history of the Dust Bowl featuring Cimarron County, 2004.

A Matter of Black and White -- personal view of desegregation, 1996.

One of Ours -- account of Oklahoma City Bombing, 1998.

Selected Subject Headings in Online Catalog:


Indians of North America--Oklahoma

Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing, Oklahoma City, Okla., 1995

African Americans--Oklahoma

Petroleum industry and trade--Oklahoma

Images (Please note any copyright restrictions)

Oklahoma Historical Society Archives Catalog -- many subjects with links to images.

Oklahoma History & Historical Coverage -- Oklahoman newsphotos online exhibit.

Maps (Please note any copyright restrictions)

Oklahoma Digital Maps -- historical maps, 1803-1925 (OSU Library)

Oklahoma Historical Society Archives Catalog -- historical maps with links to images.

Oklahoma Historical Maps and Atlases -- town and county maps (historicmapworks.com)

Maps -- detailed highway and county maps, Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

Geologic Mapping -- topographic and other maps, Oklahoma Geological Survey.

Free Printable Outline Maps -- for projects/presentations (waterproofpaper.com) 

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