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This is a finding guide for the library’s Kalmus reprint of Beethoven’s Complete Works Edition.

The reference number to the piece as listed under the [GA] column in Grove in Oxford Music Online is given first. (Use control+F to search this page or scroll down until you find the series and number you need.)

The [GA] reference number is followed here by the volume of the Kalmus reprint of Beethoven’s Complete Works Edition (M3.B415) you need to look for on the shelf in the library.

Series 1
i/1-4 not owned (symphonies 1-4)
i/5-7 v. 3
i/8-9 v.4

Series 2
ii/10 v.36
ii/11 v.6
ii/12 v.37
ii/13-17a v.38

Series 3
iii/18 v.15
iii/19 v.20
iii/20 v.21
iii/21 v.15
iii/22 v.16
iii/23 v.17
iii/24 v.22
iii/25 v.15
iii/26 v.18
iii/27 v.15
iii/28 v.19

Series 4
iv/29 not owned (vln concerto)
iv/30-31 v.39

Series 5
v/32-33 v.39
v/34-36a v.40

Series 6
vi/37-42 v.32
vi/43-45 v.33
vi/46-49 v.34
vi/50-53 v.35

Series 7
vii/54-58 not owned (trios vln, vla, vcl)

Series 8
viii/59-64 v.42

Series 9
ix/65-69 not owned (piano concerti)
ix/70 v.43
ix/70a-71 v.44
ix/72-73 v.45

Series 10
x/74 v.46
x/75-78 v.47

Series 11
xi/79-82 v.48
xi/83-86 v.49
xi/87-89 v.50
xi/90-91 v.51

Series 12
xii/92-97 v.29
xii/98-102 v.30
xii/103 v.52

Series 13
xiii/105-109 v. 31
xiii/110-111a v.52

Series 14
xiv/112-119 v. 53

Series 15
xv/120-123 v.45

Series 16
xvi/124-129 v.23
xvi/130-135 v.24
xvi/136-143 v.25
xvi/144-150 v.26
xvi/151-155 v.27
xvi/156-161 v.66

Series 17
xvii/162-165 v.28
xvii/166-175 v.65
xvii/176-178 v.66
xvii/179 v.28
xvii/180 v.66
xvii/181 v.28
xvii/182 v.66

Series 18
xviii/183-196 v.64
xviii/197-198 v.28

Series 19
xix/203 v.7
xix/204 v.11
xix/205 v.12

Series 20
xx/206 v.10
xx/207 v.13
xx/207a-d v.14

Series 21
xxi/208-209 v.8

Series 22
xxii/210-214 v.54

Series 23
xxiii/215-227 v.55
xxiii/228-256 v.56

Series 24
xxiv/257-258 v.57
xxiv/259-260 v.58
xxiv/261-262 v.59
xxiv/263 v.60

Series 25
xxv/264-265 v.9
xxv/266-269 v.61
xxv/270-285 v.62
xxv/286-309 v.63

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