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This web page was intended to help entertainment business majors begin research on topics in the area.  All print sources can be fund at the Dulaney-Browne Library unless otherwise stated.  This is not a comprehensive list of resources.

Subject Headings

Monographs (books) can be located using the Library Catalog.  Following are some examples of subject headings for researching entertainment business topics:

When searching in the EBSCO databases you should choose the advanced search tab.  From there you can choose either the keyword or subject term search.  The above searches will work in either, but by choosing subject you will get more targeted results.

The asterisk (*) is used to truncate words.  Agen* will find results that contain both agent, agents, agency, and agencies.

Additional subject terms can be found in the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS SUBJECT HEADINGS.

Notable Names (persons)

When searching for people, it is a good idea to do both an author and SUBJECT search on their name.

Notice the above EBSCO searches are all done differently.  Some are basic searches and some are advances searches.  Some are keyword and some are subject searches.  The last one uses the OR on the advanced tab to search for the last name listed for the first and last e.g. Gary Zuckerbrod OR Zuckerbrod, Gary.

If you are having problems locating information on a person, it may be because you are searching one of their aliases.  To find their given name visit the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NAME AUTHORITIES.

Journal Titles & Indexes (Electronic & Print)

Journals that are accessible via the Internet are listed under the database they are indexed by, while journals that are available in print only are listed separately. Databases that do not have an associated list of journals contain dance articles but are not limited to dance only. This is not a comprehensive list. You may need your OCU email username and password to access electronic resources.

Search the EBSCO Databases:

Reference Materials

Reference are a good place to start your research.  Dictionaries and encyclopedias give you a broad overview of the subject as well as terminology to use in subject searches.  Directories can tell you who and where to look.


Below are several general titles on management and entertainment business to get your research started.  Books are a good resource when you need a large amount of information on one topic.  Books normally provide a larger overview as well as a historical perspective of a specific topic.


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