Position Title:                      Senior Field Training Officer

Department:                        Security Department

Reports To:                         Direct Supervisor

Position Status:                  Non-Exempt, Full-Time

Probationary Period:        180 days



Prerequisites Required for Position:

1.                  Minimum Education Requirement:

a.                  Required:  60 hours from an accredited College or University

b.                  Preferred:  A bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University

2.                  Minimum Work Experience:

a.                  Required:  2 years’ experience as an armed security officer at OCU

b.                  Preferred:  2 years’ experience in municipal or military law enforcement



Job Function:

To the extent possible, strive to protect the lives and property of the campus community when serving as a field officer, to facilitate the protection of the lives and property of the campus community through training and supervision of dispatchers and officers in accordance with established goals and procedures.



Description of Essential Job Functions


1.      Conduct active armed foot and mobile patrol of the campus in all weather conditions and at all times of the day and night.

2.      Detain criminal suspects and apprehend criminals, under procedures established the Security Department and under direction from the Director.

3.      Issue tickets to vehicles parked on campus in violation of parking regulations, and to immobilize vehicles which have accumulated excessive tickets.

4.      Complete Reports on reported crimes and accidents.

5.      Provide emergency assistance during natural emergencies, fires, accidents, and personal injuries.

6.      Communicate campus regulations, rules, and policies, to members of the campus community and others on campus.

7.      Coordinate, with dispatchers and other officers, field activity, via hand-held radio and to receive information from such sources via hand-held radio.



1.      Supervise officers’ shift activities, and to forward accurate records of any needed disciplinary action to the junior FTO for proper filing.

2.      Regularly inspect officers for compliance with uniform, weapons, payroll worksheet and other policies, and to forward accurate records of such to the junior FTO for proper filing.

3.      Supervise the junior FTO, including regular shift inspections, and to maintain accurate records of any needed disciplinary action.



1.      Conduct studies, reviews, and program audits at the Sergeant’s request, and to generate reports, including various recommendations to him.

2.      Maintain accurate inventory records of all equipment owned by the OCU Security Department; issue equipment to new personnel; and order new equipment when needed.



1.      Devise, plan, and oversee the new-hire and on-going training of officers.

2.      Approve and coordinate training plans devised by the junior FTO.



1.      Perform office and dispatching duties when relieving such persons for breaks.

2.      Perform rooftop surveillance of the campus.



Special Skills:


1.      Ability to operate a motor vehicle, as evidenced by the possession of a valid state driver’s license.

2.      Knowledge and ability to operate a firearm, as evidenced by

  1. Ability to legally purchase and possess a handgun.
  2. Possessing or obtaining certification as an armed security guard from the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training.
  3. Successfully completing the OCU Security Pistol Course.

3.      Ability to maintain armed foot patrol in all-weather conditions, carrying as much as, but not limited to, 20-25 pounds of duty gear, and the ability to physically restrain persons, as evidenced by successful completion of the OCU Security Physical Agility Test.

4.      Ability to understand and apply concepts presented in training programs and procedures manuals, as evidenced by:

a.      Successful completion of all tests within training programs.

b.      Application of such concepts in field work.

5.      Ability to work with and cooperate with supervisory staff at all levels.

6.      Ability to operate hand-held radio equipment without the aid of any auxiliary devices.

7.      Excellent problem-solving abilities.

8.      Excellent oral communications skills, using the English language, without the use of auxiliary aids or services.

9.      Excellent writing skills, as demonstrated in professional work samples submitted with application materials, without the use of auxiliary aids or services.



1.      Ability to track the work projects of subordinate personnel, coordinating such with the specific security requirements of the University.

2.      Thorough knowledge of officers’ and dispatchers’ policies and procedures, and the ability to recognize and counsel subordinates for infractions of such.

3.      Ability to perform filing tasks by:

a.      Proper understanding of alphabetizing; and

b.      Organizing materials in a filing system; and

c.      Retrieving necessary information from files.

4.      Ability to retain professional confidences.

5.      Thorough knowledge of all aspects and tasks of dispatching and being a field officer, and the ability to articulate such functions orally and in writing.



1.      Knowledge of OCU Security Department hiring and firing procedures and of state and federal laws concerning hiring and firing, and the ability to conduct professional interviews in compliance with such policies and laws.

2.      Ability to analyze data and prepare statistical or summary reports.

3.      General understanding of computer networking.  Thorough understanding of Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word; Understanding of  Windows 95 and Windows NT.



1.      Ability to devise training programs in compliance with established training goals, and the ability to plan such training.

2.      Ability to train and/or educate trainees regarding compliance with established training goals, and to evaluate trainees for comprehension of such training or education.



Work Conditions:

1.      When performing officer field duties, work is primarily outdoors during all weather conditions.

2.      Because the Security Department functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the incumbent will be required to work either daytime or evening shifts, as scheduled.

3.      Incumbent will be exposed to frequent noise caused by telephones, radios and vehicles.





Physical Requirements:

1.      Must be able to lift and carry equipment and supplies weighing up to 40 pounds or drag objects weighing more than 40 pounds.

2.      Must be able to bend, stoop, and reach.

3.      Manual dexterity to efficiently operate a computer keyboard and other business machines.

4.      Near vision sufficient to read written communications and computer display screens.

5.      Adequate hearing to communicate effectively in person and by phone.

6.      Must be able to drive in a vehicle, walk, or ride on a bicycle for long periods of time.

7.      Must be able to pass the departmental physical agility test.