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Use excess aid for books with our Book Bucks Program

If you have verifiable financial aid in excess of your charges already posted to your account, you may be eligible to participate in the BOOK BUCKS program.
You may request your Book Bucks money be deposited directly to your OCU Student ID card so you can pay for your books at the OCU Bookstore. When ordering your Book Bucks below, you must choose an option of either applying the funds to your designated direct deposit bank account or to your OCU Student ID card. 

You may choose to split the maximum amount allowed for the semester and designate different amounts to go to your ID card and your bank account. If you choose an amount to go on your OCU Student ID card, the funds will be available immediately after it is processed in the Student Accounts Office. You may also use the funds at the OCU Cafeteria, Alvin’s, the library for copy jobs, and the computer labs for print jobs. 

Any funds placed on the card will remain on your card for use throughout the semester and will only be refunded to you when you leave the University. If you choose your direct deposit account,  it will take 48 - 72 business hours after it is processed in the Student Accounts Office.

The program saves you time and effort. Just follow these easy steps.

1. Verify you are currently enrolled in classes.

2. Complete and return the Direct Deposit Application.  This is available on this web page in the left hand column or at the Student Accounts Office.  You may skip this step if you are placing the funds on your OCU Student ID card.

3. Fill out the form below.

4. Once we verify your eligibility, your Book Buck money will be available immediately for use at the bookstore with your StarCard. If you choose your direct deposit account, it will take 48 - 72 business hours after it is processed in the Student Accounts Office.

There are a few other items you might find helpful:

If you want your books shipped to you, contact the OCU bookstore to order your books for shipment. You may contact them by phone at 405-208-5112 or 800-633-7242.

The Book Buck program will be activated on the following dates:

  • Summer 2014 - May 2, 2014. Maximum $500.00
  • Fall 2014 – August 1, 2014. Maximum $800.00
  • Spring 2014 – December 5, 2014. Maximum $800.00


To receive Book Bucks for the Spring semester, requests must be made and received prior to the office closing for Christmas Break. The last day to accept requests for processing prior to closing will be Wednesday December 18. Starting January 3, you may request Book Bucks with normal processing.

Book Buck Deposit Form

SS# or Student Id:
Amount to be direct deposited to designated bank account *
Amount for OCU Student ID card *
Email Address:
Daytime Phone:
Additional Comments:

Still have questions? Email us at cashiers@okcu.edu
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