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Documentary Film Series Finale
4/26/2015 2:00:00 PM-4/26/2015 5:00:00 PM
Spring 2015 Seventeenth Annual Documentary Film Series Walls and Bridges Sundays, 2:00 p.m. Kerr McGee Auditorium Meinders School of Business NW 27th and Blackwelder “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi FREE ADMISSION OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Thatcher Hoffman Smith Endowment Fund
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Oklahoma City University
Center for Interpersonal Studies through Film & Literature

Spring 2003 Fifth Annual Documentary Film Series

Sundays, 2 PM, Jones Auditorium, Noble Center, NW 23rd & Blackwelder

3/30/2003, Inspirations, Michael Apted, USA(1997), 100

How do artists get ideas? Director Apted, of the acclaimed series 7-Up that documents a group of British schoolchildren at seven year intervals, explores the creative process of seven diverse artists from the famous (the late Roy Lichtenstein, David Bowie) to the more obscure (Pueblo sculptor Nora Narango-Morse, French Canadian dancer Louise Lecavalier). They discuss why they became artists and what it means to create as both a daily routine and a lifelong passion. Apted neatly avoids the usual talking-head format of documentaries by focusing on very visual subjects. Narango-Morse digs mud from the mountains and works it between her toes, glass artist Dale Chihuly instructs urban kids as they turn molten mass into colorful creations, and Lecavalier and partner dance in dramatic staccato, choreographed by film subject Edouard Lock. Revelations are surprising, such as when Bowie extols the calm of waking at dawn since he quit drinking and drugging, and candid, such as when Japanese architect Tadao Ando confesses that the ugliness of his home city Osaka inspired him to add beauty and spirituality to his designs, the most recent being the new Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth. -"Well-crafted and expertly fashioned. Very solid documentary." On-Line Film Critics Society -"Apted has crafted a beautiful documentary that seems to live and breathe more than documentary features usually do." Film Guide -"Crafts for artists what he does for scientists in Me and Isaac Newton." Scott Weinberg, Apollo Movie Guide

4/13/2003, Promises, Carlos Bolado, B.Z. Goldberg & Justine Shapiro, USA(2001), 106

A project of love and devotion, this acclaimed documentary examines the conflict in the Middle East through the eyes of Israeli and Palestinian children. Traveling to Palestinian communities and settlements in the West Bank as well as neighborhoods of Jerusalem to meet seven Palestinian and Israeli children between the ages of nine and thirteen, the directors draw viewers into the hearts and minds of these children by giving voice to those captured by the region's hatreds as well as those able to transcend them. Rather than focusing on political events, the seven children featured offer a compelling human portrait of the Israeli & Palestinian reality. A small film that becomes a large masterpiece! -Oscar Nominee for Best Documentary; winner of 2 Emmy Awards: Best Documentary & Outstanding Background Analysis. "Audience Award" at film festivals all over the world. Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. Hundreds of universities, movie theaters, schools, institutions and religious organizations, ranging from the United Nations to Harvard University to the Cannes Film Festival have used Promises to forward their missions. -"Ground breaking... Full of hope, despair, and insight... personalizes political conflict more powerfully than any film I have ever screened for my students." Kristine Samuelson, Stanford University -"Extraordinary! Intensely personal and insightful -a humanist's dream." New York Times -"Stunning and powerful! Should not be missed. Their acts of camaraderie transcend politics and ethnicity." Los Angeles Times -"Impressive, moving and deeply authentic. One of the best films about the Middle East I have ever seen. The rhythm of the editing leaves you at the edge of your chair. If I had my way, the next Middle East peace summit would start with a screening of Promises." The Jerusalem Post -"Promises provides deeply humanistic insight into the complexities of the Middle East conflict that political analysis or front-line news coverage often lacks…This well crafted film surprises with an exhaustive background, a nonpartisan position, a personal, affecting focus and a wrenching sense of stolen innocence." David Grossman, Israeli author -"A beautiful, intelligent and achingly personal film, which offers a fresh look at the Middle East crisis through the eyes of its biggest victims---the children of both sides. Chilling insights into both sides, and a humanistic perspective that transcends politics." David Rooney, Variety -"I was riveted and moved to tears. Completely fresh and totally unexpected. Promises is an incredible window into the complexities of the Middle East. Everyone, everywhere should see this beautifully crafted gem!" Deirdre English, Mother Jones Magazine -"Promises is superb! Enthralling from beginning to end with hardly a false step." Michael Gavshon, Producer: 60 Minutes, CBS -"Promises is a work of genius. It is the most compelling presentation of the conflict I have ever seen. At times painfully honest and at times downright hilarious...this film is of utmost relevance today and will be relevant for the next 20 years to come." Bob Simon, Correspondent: 60 Minutes, CBS

4/27/2003, Long Night's Journey Into Day, Deborah Hoffmann & Frances Reid, South Africa(2000), 94

Long Night's Journey Into Day provides a dramatic inside look at one of the most innovative and ambitious attempts at dialogue in human history, South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This film documents South Africa's quest for restorative justice as it follows four dramatically different cases. The thought provoking portrait that results shows a wounded society attempting to humanize itself by taking seriously the importance of heart and conscience. This process grants amnesty to those who committed political or racial crimes during the apartheid era as long as they tell the truth in an open court. This remarkable tale of conflict, forgiveness and renewal will inspire American viewers to re-examine our own approach to racism and social injustice. -Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the 2000 Sundance Festival; ALA Booklist's Editor's Choice Award for best video of 2000, 2001 Oscar Nominee for Best Documentary. -"A beautiful and often disturbing reflection on the nature of truth and forgiveness." New York Times -"An impressive, heart-rending film and it deserves wide circulation." Archbishop Desmond Tutu -"This film raises as many questions as it answers. This makes it thoughtful, provocative and deeply moving." Alice Walker -"I urge my colleagues, students, and friends to see this film if they have interest in South Africa's brave effort to face the truths of apartheid and resistance--or if they have any interest in understanding the shapes of human suffering, cruelty, and compassion." Martha Minow, Harvard Law School

For Information, contact Harbour Winn, Director, Center for Interpersonal Studies through Film & Literature, at Oklahoma City University. (405)-521-5472;; Films are free and open to the public.

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