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Documentary Film Series Finale
4/26/2015 2:00:00 PM-4/26/2015 5:00:00 PM
Spring 2015 Seventeenth Annual Documentary Film Series Walls and Bridges Sundays, 2:00 p.m. Kerr McGee Auditorium Meinders School of Business NW 27th and Blackwelder “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi FREE ADMISSION OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Thatcher Hoffman Smith Endowment Fund
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*TitleDirectorCountry (Year)Format
FZCosta GavrasAlgeria/France (1969)DVD/VHS
DZizek!Astra TaylorCanada (2005)DVD
FZhou Yu's TrainZhou SunChina (2003)DVD
FZelaryOndrej TrojanCzechoslovakia (2003)DVD
FZuluCy EndfieldEngland (1963)DVD/VHS
FZero de ConduiteJean VigoFrance (1933)VHS
FZazie dans le Metro (Criterion Collection)Louis MalleFrance; Italy (1960)DVD
FZentropaLars Von TrierGermany (1992)VHS
DZen Buddhism: In Search of SelfGong Jae-SungKorea (2007)DVD
FZero KelvinHans Petter MolandNorway (1995)DVD
DZulu Love LetterRamadan SulemanSouth Africa (2004)DVD
FZero Dark ThirtyKathryn BigelowUSA (2012)DVD
DZora's RootsTom LoweUSA (2008)DVD
DZinn, Howard: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving TrainDenis MuellerUSA (2004)DVD
FZabriskie PointMichelangelo AntonioniUSA (1970)DVD/VHS
FZero DayBen CoccioUSA (2003)DVD
DZen Life, AMichael GoldbergUSA (2008)DVD
FZen NoirMarc RosenbushUSA (2004)DVD
FZorba the GreekMichael CacoyannisUSA (1964)DVD/VHS
DZen Mind, TheJon BraeleyUSA (2006)DVD
FZerophiliaMartin CurlandUSA (2005)DVD
FZodiacDavid FincherUSA (2007)DVD
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