Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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Inaugural poet Richard Blanco comes to OCU April 1, 2015.
4/1/2015 10:00:00 AM-4/1/2015 8:00:00 PM
The OCU Film Institute begins its 33rd year September 28, 2014; the fall book discussion series "Let's Talk About It, Oklahoma" begins the "Oklahoma Private Investigations" series on September 9, 2014; and the 17th Annual Spring Documentary Film Series begins on Sunday, March 29, 2015. Check this site regularly to find details on these and other programs. For more info: www.okcu.edu/film-lit/
For more info: www.okcu.edu/film-lit/

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*TitleDirectorCountry (Year)Format
DSilent Laugh Makers #1: Looking for Sally(1925); Lucky Dog(1917); A Night Out(1915); Hard Knocks(1924)Hal RoachUSA (1900)VHS
FSaphead, The (Art of Buster Keaton, The)Herbert & Winchell Smith BlacheUSA (1920)DVD
FSheik, The (The Sheik / The Son of the Sheik)George MelfordUSA (1921)DVD
FSix Characters in Search of an AuthorLuigi PirandelloUSA (1921)DVD
FSherlock, Jr. & Our Hospitality (Art of Buster Keaton, The) [cross-listed as Our Hospitality & Sherlock, Jr. (Art of Buster Keaton, The)]Buster KeatonUSA (1924)DVD
FSiegfriedFritz LangGermany (1924)VHS
FSeven Chances (Art of Buster Keaton, The)Buster KeatonUSA (1925)DVD
FStrikeSergei EisensteinSoviet Union (1925)DVD
FSally of the SawdustD.W. GriffithUSA (1925)DVD
FSecrets of a SoulGeorg Wilhelm PabstGermany (1926)DVD
FSon of the Sheik, The (The Sheik / The Son of the Sheik)George FitzmauriceUSA (1926)DVD
FScar of ShameFrank PereginiUSA (1927)VHS
FSunriseF.W. MurnauUSA (1927)DVD
FSteamboat Bill, Jr. (Art of Buster Keaton, The)Charles ReisnerUSA (1928)DVD
FSkin Game, The (Alfred Hitchcock: The Legend Begins)Alfred HitchcockUK (1931)DVD
FSusan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise)Robert Z. LeonardUSA (1931)VHS
FStruggle, TheD.W. GriffithUSA (1931)DVD
FScarfaceHoward HawksUSA (1932)DVD/VHS
FSong of Songs, The, and This is The Night (TCM Double Feature)Rouben & Frank Tuttle MamoulianUSA (1932)DVD
FStrange Love of Molly Louvain, TheMichael CurtizUSA (1932)VHS
FShe Done Him WrongLowell ShermanUSA (1933)VHS
FStory of Floating Weeds, A: A Story of Floating Weeds & Floating WeedsYasujiro OzuJapan (1934)DVD
FScarlet Letter, TheRobert G. VignolaUSA (1934)VHS
FScarlet StreetFritz LangUSA (1934)DVD/VHS
FSearch for Beauty (Pre-Code Hollywood Collection)Erle C. KentonUSA (1934)DVD
FSabotage (Alfred Hitchcock: The Legend Begins)Alfred HitchcockUK (1936)DVD
FSan FranciscoVan Dyke W.S.USA (1936)DVD
FSabotageAlfred HitchcockUK (1936)DVD
FSecret AgentAlfred HitchcockUK (1936)DVD
FSecret Agent (Alfred Hitchcock: The Legend Begins)Alfred HitchcockUK (1936)DVD
FSon of FrankensteinRowland V. LeeUSA (1939)DVD
FStagecoachJohn FordUSA (1939)DVD
FStory of the Last Chrysanthemum, TheKenji MizoguchiJapan (1939)VHS
FSecond ChorusH. C. PotterUSA (1940)VHS
FSanta Fe TrailMichael CurtizUSA (1940)VHS
FSullivan’s TravelsPreston SturgesUSA (1941)DVD/VHS
FSergeant YorkHoward HawksUSA (1941)DVD/VHS
FSuspicionAlfred HitchcockUSA (1941)DVD/VHS
FSullivan's Travels (Criterion Collection)Preston SturgesUSA (1941)DVD
FSomewhere I’ll Find YouWesley RugglesUSA (1942)VHS
FShadow of a DoubtAlfred HitchcockUSA (1943)DVD/VHS
FSo Proudly We HailMark SandrichUSA (1943)VHS
FSong of Bernadette, TheHenry KingUSA (1943)DVD
FSky’s the Limit, TheEdward H. GriffithUSA (1943)VHS
FSoutherner, TheJean RenoirUSA (1945)DVD/VHS
FSpellboundAlfred HitchcockUSA (1945)DVD
FShoeshineVittorio De SicaItaly (1946)DVD
FSong of the SouthHarve FosterUSA (1946)DVD
FSin of Harold Diddlebock, ThePreston SturgesUSA (1946)VHS
FStranger, TheOrson WellesUSA (1946)DVD/VHS
FStrange Love of Martha Ivers, TheLewis MilestoneUSA (1946)VHS
FSenator Was Indiscreet, TheGeorge S. KaufmanUSA (1947)VHS
FSmash-Up: The Story of a WomanStuart HeislerUSA (1947)VHS
FSingaporeJohn BrahmUSA (1947)VHS
FSorry, Wrong NumberAnatole LitvakUSA (1948)VHS
FSusanna Pass (with Roy Rogers)William WitneyUSA (1949)VHS
FStray DogAkira KurosawaJapan (1949)DVD/VHS
FSet-Up, TheRobert WiseUSA (1949)DVD
FShe Wore a Yellow RibbonJohn FordUSA (1949)DVD/VHS
FStage FrightAlfred HitchcockUSA (1950)DVD
FScandalAkira KurosawaJapan (1950)DVD
FStory of a Love AffairMichelangelo AntonioniItaly (1950)DVD
FSunset BoulevardBilly WilderUSA (1950)DVD
FStrangers on a TrainAlfred HitchcockUSA (1951)DVD/VHS
FStreetcar Named Desire, AElia KazanUSA (1951)DVD/VHS
FShow BoatGeorge SidneyUSA (1951)DVD
FSinging in the RainGene & Stanley Donen KellyUSA (1951)DVD/VHS
FShaneGeorge StevensUSA (1953)DVD/VHS
FStalag 17Billy WilderUSA (1953)VHS
FSeven SamuraiAkira KurosawaJapan (1954)DVD/VHS
FSansho the BailiffKenji MizoguchiJapan (1954)DVD/VHS
FStar is Born, AGeorge CukorUSA (1954)DVD
FSenso (Criterion Collection)Luchino ViscontiItaly (1954)DVD
FSabrinaBilly WilderUSA (1954)DVD/VHS
FSawdust and Tinsel, The Naked NightIngmar BergmanSweden (1955)DVD/VHS
FSmiles of a Summer NightIngmar BergmanSweden (1955)DVD
FSeven Year ItchBilly WilderUSA (1955)DVD/VHS
FSearchers, TheJohn FordUSA (1956)DVD/VHS
FSaint JoanOtto PremingerUSA (1957)DVD/VHS
FSeventh Seal, TheIngmar BergmanSweden (1957)DVD/VHS
FSouth PacificJoshua LoganUSA (1958)DVD
FSuddenly, Last SummerJoseph L. MankiewiczUSA (1959)DVD/VHS
FShadowsJohn CassavetesUSA (1959)DVD
FSome Like it HotBilly WilderUSA (1959)DVD
FShoot the Piano PlayerFrancois TruffautFrance (1960)DVD
FSergeant RutledgeJohn FordUSA (1960)DVD/VHS
FSpartacusStanley KubrickUSA (1960)DVD/VHS
FScrounger, ThePier Paolo PasoliniItaly (1961)DVD
FSaturday Night and Sunday MorningKarel ReiszEngland (1961)DVD
FSummer and SmokePeter GlenvilleUSA (1961)DVD/VHS
FSoft Skin, TheFrancois TruffautFrance (1961)DVD/VHS
FSalvatore GiulianoFrancesco RosiItaly (1962)DVD
FSanjuroAkira KurosawaJapan (1962)DVD/VHS
FSorcerer's Apprentice, The (Alfred Hitchcock: The Legend Begins)Joseph LejtesUSA (1962)DVD
FSundays and CybeleSerge BourguignonFrance (1962)DVD/VHS
FSweet Bird of YouthRichard BrooksUSA (1962)DVD/VHS
FSuzanne's CareerEric RohmerFrance (1963)DVD
FSilence, TheIngmar BergmanSweden (1963)DVD
FSeven UpMichael AptedEngland (1964)DVD
FShadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Wild Horses of Fire)Sergei ParajanovArmenia (1964)DVD/VHS
FSimon of the DesertLuis BunuelMexico (1965)DVD/VHS
FSaltoTadeusz KonwickiPoland (1965)DVD
FSpy Who Came in From the Cold, TheMartin RittUK (1965)DVD
FShop on Main Street, TheJan & Elmar Klos KadarCzechoslovakia (1965)DVD/VHS
FStop the World, I Want to Get OffPhilip SavilleUSA (1966)VHS
DSartre, Jean-Paul & Simone de BeauvoirMax CacopardoFrance (1967)DVD
DSixth Side of the Pentagon, The / The EmbassyChris MarkerUSA (1967)DVD
FSt. Valentine’s Day Massacre, TheRoger CormanUSA (1967)VHS
FSing a Song of Sex (Eclipse 21: Oshima's Outlaw)Nagisa OshimaJapan (1967)DVD
FSigns of LifeWerner HerzogGermany (1968)DVD
FStolen KissesFrancois TruffautFrance (1968)DVD/VHS
FSweet CharityBob FosseUSA (1968)DVD/VHS
FSatyriconFederico FelliniItaly (1968)VHS
DSalesmanAlbert & David MayslesUSA (1968)DVD/VHS
FShameIngmar BergmanSweden (1968)VHS
FSterile Cuckoo, TheAlan PakulaUSA (1969)DVD
DSorrow and the Pity, TheMarcel OphulsFrance (1969)DVD
FSunday Bloody SundayJohn SchlesingerEngland (1971)DVD
FSunday Bloody Sunday (Criterion Collection)John SchlesingerEngland (1971)DVD
FSometimes a Great NotionPaul NewmanUSA (1971)DVD/VHS
FSolarisAndrei TarkovskyRussia (1971)DVD/VHS
FSiddharthaConrad RooksIndia (1972)DVD
FSlaughterhouse–FiveGeorge Roy HillUSA (1972)VHS
FSeduction of Mimi, TheLina WertmullerItaly (1972)DVD
DSchoolhouse Rock!Tom WarburtonUSA (1973)DVD
FSpook Who Sat by the Door, TheIvan DixonUSA (1973)DVD
FSleeperWoody AllenUSA (1973)DVD
FSpirit of the Beehive, TheVictor EriceSpain (1973)DVD/VHS
FScenes from a Marriage, Disc 1 & 2 : Television VersionIngmar BergmanSweden (1973)DVD
DSteambathBurt BrinckerhoffUSA (1973)DVD
FScarlet Letter, TheWim WendersGermany (1973)DVD
FScenes from a Marriage, Disc 3 : FilmIngmar BergmanSweden (1974)DVD
FSchool for Scandal, TheNick & Michael Langham HavingaUSA (1975)DVD
FSalo, or the 120 Days of Sodom (Criterion Collection)Pier Paolo PasoliniItaly; France (1975)DVD
FSwept AwayLina WertmullerItaly (1975)DVD/VHS
FSeven BeautiesLina WertmullerItaly (1975)DVD/VHS
FSlave of LoveNikita MikhalkavRussia (1976)DVD
FSebastianeDerek JarmanUnited Kingdom (1976)DVD
FSmall ChangeFrancois TruffautFrance (1976)DVD/VHS
FStory of Adele H., TheFrancois TruffautFrance (1976)DVD/VHS
FSilent MovieMel BrooksUSA (1976)VHS
FStroszekWerner HerzogGermany (1977)DVD/VHS
DScared StraightArnold ShapiroUSA (1978)DVD/VHS
FScumAlan ClarkeUnited Kingdom (1979)DVD
FSiberiadeAndrei KonchalovskySoviet Union (1979)DVD
FStardust MemoriesWoody AllenUSA (1980)VHS
FShining, TheStanley KubrickUSA (1980)DVD
FSweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetTerry HughesUSA (1982)DVD
DSimon and GarfunkelMichael Lindsay-HoggUSA (1982)DVD
FSans SoleilChris MarkerFrance (1983)DVD
FSkin of Our Teeth, TheJack O'BrianUSA (1983)DVD
FSilkwoodMike NicholsUSA (1983)VHS
FStranger Than ParadiseJim JarmuschUSA (1984)DVD
FSuburbiaPenelope SpheerisUSA (1984)DVD
FSugar Cane AlleyEuzhan PalcyHaiti (1984)DVD/VHS
DShakers, The- Hands to Work, Hearts to GodKen BurnsUSA (1984)DVD
FSugarbabyPercy AdlonGermany (1985)VHS
FShooting Party, TheAlan BridgesUK (1985)DVD
DShoahClaude LanzmannFrance (1985)DVD
FSalvadorOliver StoneUSA (1985)DVD/VHS
FSuccessful Man, AHumberto SolasCuba (1985)DVD
FSilas Marner (The George Eliot Collection)Giles FosterUK (1985)DVD
FSunday in the Park with GeorgeTerry HughesUSA (1986)DVD
FStand By MeRob ReinerUSA (1986)VHS
FSky is Gray, TheStan LathanUSA (1986)DVD/VHS
FSoldier’s HomeRobert YoungUSA (1986)VHS
FSeize the DayFielder CookUSA (1986)DVD
FSummer NightLina WertmullerItaly (1986)DVD
FStagecoachTed PostUSA (1986)DVD/VHS
FSilk Road, TheJunya SatoJapan/China (1988)VHS
DStaging Classical TragedyPeter BowenUSA (1988)DVD
FSalaam Bombay!Mira NairIndia (1988)DVD/VHS
FSweetieJane CampionNew Zealand (1989)DVD/VHS
FShirley ValentineLewis GilbertEngland (1989)VHS
FSpeaking PartsAtom EgoyanCanada (1989)DVD
FStrangers in Good CompanyCynthia ScottCanada (1990)DVD/VHS
FSanta SangreAlejandro JodorowskyMexico (1990)DVD/VHS
FSong of the ExileAnn HuiTaiwan (1990)VHS
FSudie and SimpsonJoan TewkesburyUSA (1990)DVD
FSex, Lies, and VideotapeSteven SoderberghUSA (1990)DVD/VHS
DSpirit of Crazy Horse, TheJames LockerUSA (1990)VHS
DSuperstar: The Life and Times of Andy WarholChuck WorkmanUSA (1990)DVD
FSolo Con Tu ParejaAlfonso CuaronMexico (1991)DVD
FStranger, TheSatyajit RayIndia (1991)DVD/VHS
DShape of the World, ThePeter; Patrick Lau; Mark Anderson SwainUSA (1991)DVD
FStory of Boys & Girls, ThePupi AvatiItaly (1991)VHS
FSilence of the Lambs, TheJonathan DemmeUSA (1991)DVD/VHS
DStolen FreedomTony KandahUSA (1991)DVD
FStranger, TheSatyajit RayIndia (1991)DVD
FSophie's ChoiceAlan J. PakulaUSA (1992)DVD/VHS
FShineScott HicksAustralia (1992)DVD/VHS
FShadows and FogWoody AllenUSA (1992)DVD/VHS
FStolen Children, The (Il Ladro de Bambini) (Les Enfants voles)Gianni AmelioItaly (1992)DVD
FShort CutsRobert AltmanUSA (1993)DVD
FStalkerAndrei TarkovskyRussia (1993)DVD/VHS
FStory of Qiu Ju, TheYimou ZhangChina (1993)DVD/VHS
FSchindler's ListSteven SpielbergUSA (1993)DVD
DSomething Within MeEmma Joan MorrisUSA (1993)DVD/VHS
FSecret of Roan Inish, TheJohn SaylesUSA (1993)DVD/VHS
DSilverlake Life: The View from HerePeter & Tom Joslin FriedmanUSA (1993)DVD
FScent of Green Papaya, TheAnh Hung TranVietnam (1993)VHS
DSingapore: The Price of ProsperityRoger BayleyUSA (1993)VHS
FShadow You Soon Will Be, AHector OliveraArgentina (1994)DVD
DSecret of the Wild ChildLinda GarmonUSA (1994)DVD
FShawshank Redemption, TheFrank DarabontUSA (1994)DVD/VHS
FSatantangoBela TarrHungary (1994)DVD
FStrawberry & ChocolateTomas Gutierrez & Juan Carlos Tabio AleaCuba (1994)VHS
FShanghai TriadYimou ZhangChina (1994)DVD/VHS
DSmell of Burning Ants, TheJay RosenblattUSA (1994)DVD
FSicarioJose Ramon NovoaVenezuela (1994)DVD
FSafeTodd HaynesUSA (1995)DVD
DShadow of Hate, TheCharles GuggenheimUSA (1995)VHS
FSense and SensibilityAng LeeUSA/England (1995)DVD
FSleepoverJohn SullivanUSA (1995)DVD
FSkin DeepFrances ReidUSA (1995)VHS
DSome Can SingN/A N/AN/A (1995)DVD
DSpiritual VoicesAleksandr SokurovRussia (1995)DVD
FSecrets and LiesMike LeighUSA (1996)VHS
DSister Wendy's Story of Painting, Vol. 1-5 : Early Art; The Reinassance; Raroque to Romanticism; The Age of Revolution; ModernismTim RobinsonEngland (1996)VHS
DShakespeare, William: A Life of DramaRebecca JonesUSA (1996)VHS
DSleep My Sons: The Story of the Arisan MaruShawnee BrittanUSA (1996)VHS
FShall We DanceMasayuki SuoJapan (1996)VHS
DSharfauna: The Beauty of LebanonAndre SimonLebanon (1997)VHS
FSeven Years in TibetJean-Jacques AnnaudUSA (1997)VHS
DSister Wendy in Conversation with Bill MoyersMike KirkUSA (1997)VHS
DSeniors: Four Years in RetrospectDayna & Dan Geller GoldfineUSA (1997)VHS
FSoccer Stories (Historias de Futbol)Andres WoodChile (1997)DVD
FSee the SeaFrancois OzonFrance (1997)DVD
FSecrets of the HeartMontxo ArmendarizSpain (1997)DVD
DSoong Sisters, TheMabel CheungChina (1997)DVD
FSecretos del CorazonMontxo ArmendarizSpain (1997)VHS
DStarting Small: Teaching Children ToleranceMargie McGovernUSA (1997)VHS
DSpirits of the Jaguar: The Aztec's Fifth World; Sol Y Luna: The Zapotec Legend of the Sun and the Moon; Sentinels of Silence: The Ruins of Ancient MexicoRobert C.; Sam Kerson; Robert Amram PooleUSA (1997)VHS
DSchool of AssassinsRobert RichterUSA (1997)DVD
FSweet Hereafter, TheAtom EgoyanCanada (1997)DVD/VHS
DSoldier ChildNeil AbramsonUSA (1998)DVD
DSinging Our StoriesAnnie Frazier HenryCanada (1998)DVD
DSurviving the Dust Bowl: American ExperienceBoston WGBHUSA (1998)DVD
FSilence, TheMohsen MakhmalbafIran (1998)DVD
DScandalize My Name: Stories from the BlacklistAlexandra IslesUSA (1998)DVD
DSaltmen of Tibet, TheUlrike KochGermany (1998)DVD/VHS
DSemester at SeaMarlan DarrahUSA (1998)VHS
FSaving Private RyanSteven SpielbergUSA (1998)DVD
FSo Close to ParadiseXiaoshuai WangChina (1998)DVD
FSmoke SignalsChris EyreUSA (1998)VHS
DSlamMarc LevinUSA (1998)VHS
FShakespeare In LoveJohn MaddenUSA (1998)DVD/VHS
FSteam: The Turkish BathFerzan OzpetekTurkey (1998)VHS
FStraight Story, TheDavid LynchUSA (1999)DVD/VHS
DSource, TheChuck WorkmanUSA (1999)DVD
FSong of the LarkKaren ArthurUSA (1999)VHS
DSounds of Poetry w/ Bill Moyers, Vol. 1 - 4 : Amiri Baraka & Robert Pinsky; Marge Piercy & Coleman Barks; Lorna Dee Cervantes, Shirly Geok-lin Lim & Stanley Kunitz; Jane Hirshfield, Lucille Clifton, Mark Doty, & Deborah GarrisonCatherine TatgeUSA (1999)VHS
DSex, The History ofA&E A&EUSA (1999)DVD
FSelma Lord SelmaCharles BurnettUSA (1999)VHS
DStory of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony; Not For Ourselves AloneKen BurnsUSA (1999)DVD/VHS
FSolasBenito ZambranoSpain (1999)DVD
DSpanish American War, The; Crucible of EmpireDaniel A. MillerUSA (1999)DVD
FSixth Sense, TheM. Knight ShyamalanUSA (1999)VHS
DShakespeare In the Classroom (On the making of Shakespeare in Love & teaching Shakespeare)Shannon McIntoshUSA (1999)VHS
FSummer's EndHelen ShaverUSA (1999)DVD
FSplendorGregg ArakiUSA (1999)DVD
FShadow MagicAnn HuChina (2000)DVD
DSolomon & GaenorPaul MorrisonEngland (2000)DVD/VHS
FSaving GraceNigel ColeEngland (2000)VHS
FSky is Falling, TheAntonio & Andrea FrazziItaly (2000)DVD
FState I Am In, TheChristian PetzoldGermany (2000)DVD
DSound and Fury: The Communication Wars of the DeafJosh AronsonUSA (2000)VHS
DSpoils of WarDavid BlausteinArgentina (2000)DVD
FSmall Time CrooksWoody AllenUSA (2000)DVD
DStars' Caravan, TheArto HalonenKyrgyzstan (2000)DVD
FSunshineIstvan SzaboHungary (2000)VHS
DSouthpawLiam McGrathIreland (2000)VHS
FSnow Falling on CedarsScott HicksUSA (2000)DVD/VHS
FSmell of CamphorBahman FarmanaraIran (2000)DVD
DSun River HomesteadMaggie CareyUSA (2001)VHS
DSecret Life of the Brain, The: The Teenage Brain: A World of Their OwnDavid GrubinUSA (2001)DVD
DScottsboro: An American TragedyBarak GoodmanUSA (2001)DVD/VHS
DSullivan's BanksHeinz EmigholzGermany (2001)DVD
FSpirited AwayHayao MiyazakiJapan (2001)DVD/VHS
FSerenadesMojgan KhademAustralia (2001)DVD
FSweeney Todd in ConcertLonny PriceUSA (2001)DVD
FSon's Room, TheNanni MorettiItaly (2001)DVD
FShipping NewsLasse HallstromUSA (2001)VHS
DStartup.ComChris & Jehane Noujaim HegedusUSA (2001)VHS
FSecret BallotBabak PayamiIran (2001)DVD
DScout’s HonorTom ShepardUSA (2001)VHS
DStevieSteve JamesUSA (2002)DVD
DStanding in the Shadows of MotownPaul JustmanUSA (2002)DVD
DShanghai GhettoAmir & Dana Janklowicz-Mann MannUSA (2002)DVD
FSquint Your EyesAndrzej JakimowskiPoland (2002)DVD
FSpringtime in a Small TownZhuangzhuang TianChina (2002)DVD
FSweet SixteenKen LoachEngland (2002)DVD
FSlaughter Rule, TheAlex & Andrew SmithUSA (2002)DVD
FSatin RougeRaja AmariTunisia (2002)DVD
FSeasideJulie Lopes-CurvalFrance (2002)DVD
FSeptember 11: 11 minute shorts by 11 directorsN/A N/AIran/ France/ Egypt/ Bosnia-Herzegovina/ Burkina Faso/ UK/ Mexico/ Isreal/ India/ USA/ Japan (2002)DVD
FShadow KillAdoor GopalakrishnanIndia (2002)DVD
DStone ReaderMark MoskowitzUSA (2002)DVD
DSpellboundJeffrey BlitzUSA (2002)DVD
DSpirit of Annie May, TheCatherine Anne MartinCanada (2002)DVD
FSunshine StateJohn SaylesUSA (2002)DVD/VHS
DShaman's Apprentice, TheMiranda SmithUSA (2002)DVD
FSon of the BrideJuan Jose CampanellaArgentina/Spain (2002)DVD
DSmith Family, TheTasha OldhamUSA (2002)DVD
FSon, TheLuc & Jean-Pierre DardenneBelgium (2002)DVD
DSoul of India, TheRick RayUSA (2002)DVD
FSin DestinoLeopoldo LabordeMexico (2002)DVD
FSea is Watching, TheKei KumaiJapan (2002)DVD
DSister HelenRebecca CammisaUSA (2002)DVD
FShattered GlassBilly RayCanada (2003)DVD
DSame River Twice, TheRobb MossUSA (2003)DVD
FSwimming PoolFrancois OzonFrance (2003)DVD
DStep Into LiquidDana BrownUSA (2003)DVD
FStrayedAndre TechineFrance (2003)DVD
FStation Agent, TheTom McCarthyUSA (2003)DVD
DStory of the Weeping Camel, TheByambasuren DavaaGermany/Mongolia (2003)DVD
DSoldados: Chicanos in VietnamCharley & Sonya Rhee TrujilloUSA (2003)VHS
FSylviaChristine JeffsEngland (2003)DVD
FSon FrerePatrice ChereauFrance (2003)DVD
FSchultze Gets the BluesMichael SchorrGermany (2003)DVD
FSong for a Raggy BoyAisling WalshIreland (2003)DVD
FSpring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and SpringKim Ki-dukSouth Korea/Germany (2003)DVD
DS21 The Khmer Rouge Killing MachineRithy PanhCambodia (2003)DVD
FSpare PartsDamjan KozoleSlovenia (2003)DVD
DSixth Section, The (See Soldados: Chicanos in Viet Nam)Alex RiveraUSA (2003)VHS
FSarabandIngmar BergmanSweden (2003)DVD
DSeabiscuitStephen IvesUSA (2003)DVD
FSilent WatersSabiha SumarPakistan (2003)DVD
DState of DenialElaine EpsteinUSA (2003)VHS
DSons & LoversStephen WhittakerUnited Kingdom (2003)DVD
DSong of the Little Road, ThePriyanka KumarUSA (2003)DVD
FStrange FruitKyle SchicknerUSA (2004)DVD
FSky Turns, The (El Cielo Gira)Mercedes AlvarezSpain (2004)DVD
DSalvador AllendePatricio GuzmanChile (2004)DVD
DSpiral Staircase, TheKaren ArmstrongUSA (2004)DVD
DSpeedo: A Demolition Derby Love StoryJesse MossUSA (2004)DVD
DScared SacredVelcrow RipperCanada (2004)DVD
FSacred Family, TheSebastian CamposChile (2004)DVD
DState of Mind, ADaniel GordonUK; North Korea (2004)DVD
FSwadesAshutosh GowarikerIndia (2004)DVD
FSeparate Peace, APeter YatesUSA (2004)DVD
FSidewaysAlexander PayneUSA (2004)DVD
FSyrian Bride, TheEvan RiklisSyria (2004)DVD
DSuper Size MeMorgan SpurlockUSA (2004)DVD
DShort Films: 75th Annual Academy Awards Short FilmsEric ArmstrongUSA (2004)DVD
DStill Doing ItDeirdre FishelUSA (2004)DVD
FSea Inside, TheAlejandro AmenabarSpain (2004)DVD
FSchizoGulshat OmarovaKazakhstan (2004)DVD
DSomething Between Her HandsSonya ShahUSA (2004)DVD
FSince Otar Left...Julie BertuccelliGeorgia (2004)DVD
DSaul BellowN/A N/AUSA (2004)DVD
DStructure of Documentaries, TheJohn MansfieldUSA (2004)DVD
DSaints and SinnersAbigail & Yan Vizinberg HonorUSA (2004)DVD
DSomething the Lord MadeJoseph SargentUSA (2004)DVD
FSunflowerZhang YangChina (2005)DVD
DSlavery and the Making of America Volume 1: The Downward SpiralLeslie D. & Chana Gazit FarrellUSA (2005)DVD
DSee It NowSam RobertsUSA (2005)DVD
DSlavery and the Making of America Volume 3: Seeds of DestructionLeslie D. & Chana Gazit FarrellUSA (2005)DVD
DSlavery and the Making of America Volume 4: The Challenge of FreedomLeslie D. & Chana Gazit FarrellUSA (2005)DVD
FSecret Life of Words, TheIsabel CoixetSpain (2005)DVD
FSimple Curve, AAubrey NealonCanada (2005)DVD
DSergio Vieira De Mello - En Route to BaghdadSimone DuarteUSA (2005)DVD
DSince You LeftMohammad BakriPalestine (2005)DVD
FSophie SchollMarc RothemundGermany (2005)DVD
DShort Films: Full Frame Documentary Shorts Vol. 3Melba WilliamsUSA (2005)DVD
DSaving JackieSelena A. BurksUSA (2005)DVD
FSometimes in AprilRaoul PeckUSA (2005)DVD
FSquid and the Whale, TheNoah BaumbachUSA (2005)DVD
FSyrianaStephen GaghanUSA (2005)DVD
DSir! No Sir!David ZeigerUSA (2005)DVD
FStolen LifeLi ShaohongChina (2005)DVD
DStory of 1, TheNick MurphyUnited Kingdom (2005)DVD
DSisters in LawFlorence & Kim Longinotto AyisiCameroon/United Kingdom (2005)DVD
DSierra Leone's Refugee All StarsZach & Banker White NilesUSA (2005)DVD
DStrangers in the NeighborhoodPatrick BisschopsNetherlands; Turkey (2005)DVD
FSomething Like HappinessBohdan SlamaCzech Republic (2005)DVD
DState of Fear: The Truth About TerrorismPamela YatesUSA (2005)DVD
DStreet FightMarshall CurryUSA (2005)DVD
DSong for Daniel, AJason DaSilvaCanada/USA (2005)DVD
DSpaghetti West, TheDavid GregoryUSA (2005)DVD
DSlavery and the Making of America Volume 2: Liberty in the AirLeslie D. & Chana Gazit FarrellUSA (2005)DVD
DStagecraft: BackstageN/A N/AUSA (2005)DVD
DStagecraft: OnstageN/A N/AUSA (2005)DVD
DSurrealist Film: The Stuff of DreamsN/A N/AUSA (2005)DVD
DShort Films: Full Frame Documentary Shorts Vol. 4Katherine LeggettUSA (2006)DVD
DShakespeare Behind BarsHank RogersonUSA (2006)DVD
DSecret, TheDrew HeriotUSA/Australia (2006)DVD
DStates of UnbelongingLynne SachsUSA (2006)DVD
DSentenced HomeDavid & Nicole Newnham GrabiasUSA (2006)DVD
DSimon Schama's Power of ArtClare; David Belton; Steve Condie; Carl Hindmarch; James Runcie BeavanUK (2006)DVD
FStill LifeKe Jia ZhangChina (2006)DVD
DSuicide KillersPierre RehovUSA (2006)DVD
DSri Lanka: A Study In ContrastsCynthia BassettUSA (2006)DVD
DShort Life of Jose Antonio Gutierrez, TheHeidi SpecognaGermany; Switzerland (2006)DVD
DSaz: The Palestinian Rapper For ChangeGil KarniIsrael (2006)DVD
DSupplements, The: 3 Films by Louis MalleLouis MalleFrance (2006)DVD
FSummer PalaceLou YeChina (2006)DVD
FSyndromes and a CenturyApichatpong WeerasethakulThailand (2006)DVD
DSketches of Frank GehrySydney PollackUSA (2006)DVD
DSwim for the RiverTom WeidlingerUSA (2006)DVD
FSon of ManMark Dornford-MaySouth Africa (2006)DVD
DShort Films: A Collection of 2005 Academy Award Nominated Short FilmsSean EllisUSA (2006)DVD
FScience of Sleep, TheMichel GondryFrance (2006)DVD
DStore WarsMicha X. PeledUSA (2006)DVD
DShortbusJohn Cameron MitchellUSA (2006)DVD
DSelf-Made Man, TheSusan SternUSA (2006)DVD
DSoul Searching: The Journey of Thomas MertonMorgan AtkinsonUSA (2006)DVD
DSacco and VanzettiPeter MillerUSA (2006)DVD
FScanner Darkly, ARichard LinklaterUSA (2006)DVD
DStrandedGonzalo ArijonFrance (2007)DVD
FSugisball (Autumn Ball)Veiko OunpuuEstonia (2007)DVD
DSufism for PeaceAlbert VandelN/A (2007)DVD
DStory of Stuff, TheLouis FoxUSA (2007)DVD
FSmiley FaceGregg ArakiUSA (2007)DVD
FSecret of the Grain (Criterion Collection)Abdellatif KechicheFrance (2007)DVD
FSleepwalking LandTeresa PrataMozambique; Portugal (2007)DVD
FSilent LightCarlos ReygadasMexico (2007)DVD
DShake Hands With the DevilRoger SpottiswoodeCanada (2007)DVD
DSix Days in JuneIlan ZivIsrael; France; Canada (2007)DVD
FSave MeRobert CaryUSA (2007)DVD
DSquid Daddy's Delivery RoomKe Chin-yuanTaiwan (2007)DVD
DSoldiers of ConscienceCatherine & Gary Weimberg RyanUSA (2007)DVD
DShort Films: A Collection of 2006 Academy Award Nominated Short FilmsAri SandelUSA (2007)DVD
FSummer ScarsJulian RichardsUK (2007)DVD
FSangre de Mi SangreChristopher ZallaUSA (2007)DVD
DSecrets of the SoulFrederick RendinaUSA (2007)DVD
DStand Up: Muslim American Comics Come of AgeGlenn BakerUSA (2007)DVD
DSand and SorrowPaul FreedmanUSA (2007)DVD
FSweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetTim BurtonUSA (2007)DVD
FSecret SunshineLee Chang-dongSouth Korea (2007)DVD
FSavages, TheTamara JenkinsUSA (2007)DVD
FSun Also Rises, TheJiang WenChina (2007)DVD
DSickoMichael MooreUSA (2007)DVD
FSantouri: The Music ManDariush MehrjuiIran (2007)DVD
DSeeger, Pete: The Power of SongJim BrownUSA (2007)DVD
DSon's Sacrifice, AYoni BrookUSA (2007)DVD
DShadow of the Holy BookArto HalonenFinland (2007)DVD
DSun DogsAndrea StewartUSA (2007)DVD
FStarting Out in the EveningAndrew WagnerUSA (2007)DVD
DSurfwise: The Amazing True Odyssey of the Paskowitz FamilyDoug PrayUSA (2007)DVD
DSummer of LoveN/A N/AUSA (2007)DVD
FSecrets, TheAvi NesherIsrael (2007)DVD
DSmall Steps: Creating the High School for Contemporary ArtsDavid BeckerUSA (2007)DVD
DShelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre: The Complete CollectionTim & Francis Ford Coppola BurtonUSA (2008)DVD
FSong of Sparrows, TheMajid MajidiIran (2008)DVD
FSummer HoursOlivier AssayasFrance (2008)DVD
FSkinAnthony FabianUnited Kingdom; South Africa (2008)DVD
DSunrise / Sunset (Sub)Vitali ManskiRussia (2008)DVD
FStill Walking (Criterion Collection)Hirokazu Kore-edaJapan (2008)DVD
FSkirt DayJean-Paul LilienfeldFrance; Belgium (2008)DVD
FShirinAbbas KiarostamiIran (2008)DVD
DSmall VoicesHeather E. ConnellUSA (2008)DVD
FSomers TownShane MeadowsUnited Kingdom (2008)DVD
DSongs Around The World (CD + DVD)N/A N/AUSA (2008)DVD
FSummer HolidayRadu MunteanRomania (2008)DVD
DSection 60: Arlington National CemetaryJon & Matthew O'Neil AlpertUSA (2008)DVD
FShe Stoops to ConquerTony BrittenUSA (2008)DVD
DSteinbeck, John: Great WritersVideo KulturUSA (2008)DVD
FShaft, TheChi ZhangChina (2008)DVD
FSutSemih KaplanogluTurkey (2008)DVD
FSlumdog MillionaireDanny BoyleEngland (2008)DVD
DSlaying GoliathJoe & Michele Stephenson BrewsterUSA (2008)DVD
FStop-LossKimberly PeirceUSA (2008)DVD
DSecrets of the Dead: Aztec MassacreKaren KellyUSA (2008)DVD
DSummoning of Everyman, TheDouglas MorseUSA (2008)DVD
FSeraphineMartin ProvostFrance (2008)DVD
DShine a LightMartin ScorseseUSA (2008)DVD
DStandard Operating ProcedureErrol MorrisUSA (2008)DVD
DSeoul TrainJim & Aaron Lubarsky ButterworthUSA (2008)DVD
FSoul KitchenFatih AkinGermany (2009)DVD
FShirley AdamsOliver HermanusSouth Africa; USA; United Kingdom (2009)DVD
DSouth of the BorderOliver StoneUSA (2009)DVD
FScheherazade Tell Me a StoryYousry NasrallahEgypt (2009)DVD
DShelter in PlaceZed NelsonUnited Kingdom (2009)DVD
DStorytelling Class, TheJohn & John Whiteway PaskievichUSA (2009)DVD
FSamson & DelilahWarwick ThorntonAustralia (2009)DVD
DStagesJay Arthur SterrenbergUSA (2009)DVD
DScience is Fiction: 23 Films By Jean PainleveJean PainleveFrance (2009)DVD
FSin NombreCary FukunagaMexico (2009)DVD
DSeven Wonders of The Muslim WorldFeris KermaniUSA (2009)DVD
FSong from the Southern SeasMarat SaruluFrance; Germany; Kazakhstan; Russia (2009)DVD
DScarred Justice: The Orangeburg Massacre 1968Bestor & Judy Richardson CramUSA (2009)DVD
DStory of IndiaJeremy JeffUSA (2009)DVD
FSpliceVincenzo NataliCanada; France; USA (2009)DVD
FSuperstarTahmineh MilaniIran (2009)DVD
FSerious Man, AJoel & Coen, Ethan CoenUSA (2009)DVD
DShouting Fire: Stories From the Edge of Free SpeechLiz GarbusUSA (2009)DVD
DSweetgrassLucien Castaing-Taylor Barbash, Ilisa &France; UK; USA (2009)DVD
FSingle Man, ATom FordUSA (2009)DVD
FStormHans-Christian SchmidGermany (2009)DVD
FShutter IslandMartin ScorseseUSA (2010)DVD
DSun Behind the Clouds, TheTenzing Sonam Sarin, Ritu &Austria; France; India; Netherlands; China; USA; United Kingdom; Germany (2010)DVD
DSennaAsif KapadiaUnited Kingdom (2010)DVD
FSoul of SandSidharth SrinivasanIndia (2010)DVD
FStieg Larsson Trilogy, TheNiels Oplev & Daniel Alfreson ArdenSweden; Denmark; Germany; Norway (2010)DVD
FSocial Network, TheDavid FincherUSA (2010)DVD
DSupplements: Letters from FontainhasAur`elien Gerbault'sPortugal/France (2010)DVD
DSmall Act, AJennifer ArnoldUSA (2010)DVD
FSacrificeKaige ChenChina (2010)DVD
FStrange Case of Angelica, TheManoel De OliveiraPortugal; Spain; France; Brazil (2010)DVD
FScreaming Man, AMahamat-Saleh HarounFrance; Belgium; Chad (2010)DVD
FSaltPhillip NoyceUSA (2010)DVD
FStoneJohn CurranUSA (2010)DVD
DSin Pais (Without Country)Theo RigbyUSA (2010)DVD
DStory of Math, TheMarcus Du SautoyUSA (2010)DVD
DSperm Donor X: A Different ConceptionDeirdre FishelUSA (2010)DVD
DScandalous ImpressionistsFrancois Levy-KuentzFrance (2010)DVD
DSpringsteen, Bruce: Under the InfluenceN/A N/AUSA (2010)DVD
FSimple Life, AAnn HuiHong Kong (2011)DVD
DShut Up and Play the HitsDylan & Will Lovelace SouthernUnited Kingdom (2011)DVD
DStory of Film, The: An OdysseyMark CousinsUSA (2011)DVD
FSound of My VoiceZal BatmanglijUSA (2011)DVD
DServing LifeLisa CohenUSA (2011)DVD
DSecrets of the Dead: China's Terracotta WarriorSteven R. TalleyUSA (2011)DVD
DSun Come UpJennifer & Tim Metzger RedfearnN/A (2011)DVD
DSecrets of the Dead: Lost in the AmazonPeter Von PuttkamerUSA (2011)DVD
FSeparation, AAsghar FarhadiIran (2011)DVD
FSarah's KeyGilles Paquet-BrennerFrance (2011)DVD
FShameSteve McQueenUSA (2011)DVD
FSkin I Live In, ThePedro AlmodovarSpain (2011)DVD
FSessions, TheBen LewinUSA (2012)DVD
DSearching for Sugar ManMalik BendjelloulSweden; United Kingdom (2012)DVD
DSaving FaceDaniel & Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy JungeUSA (2012)DVD
DStories We TellSarah PolleyCanada (2012)DVD
FStranger by the LakeAlain GuiraudieFrance (2013)DVD
FSnowpiercerBong Joon-HoSouth Korea (2013)DVD
FStray DogsMing-Liang TsaiTaiwan (2013)DVD
DStreak, TheJonathon HockUSA (2014)DVD
DSt. Augustine's ConfessionsThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
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