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Inaugural poet Richard Blanco comes to OCU April 1, 2015.
4/1/2015 10:00:00 AM-4/1/2015 8:00:00 PM
The OCU Film Institute begins its 33rd year September 28, 2014; the fall book discussion series "Let's Talk About It, Oklahoma" begins the "Oklahoma Private Investigations" series on September 9, 2014; and the 17th Annual Spring Documentary Film Series begins on Sunday, March 29, 2015. Check this site regularly to find details on these and other programs. For more info:
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*TitleDirectorCountry (Year)Format
FGolem, ThePaul WegenerUSA (1920)DVD/VHS
DGreedErich Von StroheimUSA (1925)VHS
FGold Rush, TheCharlie ChaplinUSA (1925)DVD/VHS
FGo West (Art of Buster Keaton, The)Buster KeatonUSA (1925)DVD
FGeneral, TheBuster KeatonUSA (1926)DVD/VHS
FGeneral, The (Art of Buster Keaton, The)Buster KeatonUSA (1926)DVD
FGrand HotelEdmund GouldingUSA (1932)DVD
FGold Diggers of 1933Mervyn LeRoyUSA (1933)DVD
FGold Diggers of 1935Busby BerkeleyUSA (1935)DVD/VHS
FGo West Young ManHenry HathawayUSA (1936)VHS
FGrand IllusionJean RenoirFrance (1938)DVD/VHS
FGone with the WindVictor FlemingUSA (1939)DVD
FGreat Dictator, The (Criterion Collection)Charles ChaplinUSA (1940)DVD
FGreat Dictator, TheCharles ChaplinUSA (1940)DVD/VHS
FGreat McGinty, ThePreston SturgesUSA (1940)DVD
FGrapes of WrathJohn FordUSA (1940)DVD/VHS
FGhost of Frankenstein, TheErle C. KentonUSA (1942)DVD
FGung Ho!Ray EnrightUSA (1943)VHS
FGuadalcanal DiaryLewis SeilerUSA (1943)VHS
FGaslightGeorge CukorUSA (1944)VHS
FGreat Moment, ThePreston SturgesUSA (1944)DVD
FGentleman's AgreementElia KazanUSA (1947)DVD
FGermany Year Zero (Roberto Rossellini's War Trilogy)Roberto RosselliniItaly (1948)DVD
FGun CrazyJoseph H. LewisUSA (1949)DVD/VHS
FGolden Coach, TheJean RenoirFrance (1952)DVD/VHS
FGentlemen Prefer BlondesHoward HawksUSA (1953)DVD
FGate of HellTeinosuke KinugasaJapan (1953)DVD/VHS
FGojiraHonda IshiroJapan (1954)DVD
FGeneration, AAndrzej WajdaPoland (1955)DVD
DGermany AwakeErwin LeiserGermany (1955)DVD/VHS
FGervaiseRene ClementFrance (1956)DVD
FGiantGeorge StevensUSA (1956)DVD
DGolden Age of Television, TheJohn, et al. FrankenheimerUSA (1958)DVD
FGood MorningYasujiro OzuJapan (1959)DVD
FG.I. BluesNorman TaurogUSA (1960)VHS
FGertrudCarl Theodor DreyerDenmark (1964)DVD
FGospel According to St. Matthew, ThePier Paolo PasoliniItaly (1964)DVD/VHS
FGreatest Story Ever Told, TheGeorge StevensUSA (1965)DVD
FGeorgy GirlSilvio NarizzanoEngland (1966)DVD/VHS
FGood, the Bad, and the Ugly, TheSergio LeoneItaly (1966)DVD
FGraduate, TheMike NicholsUSA (1967)DVD
FGuess Who’s Coming to Dinner?Stanley KramerUSA (1967)DVD/VHS
FGods of the PlaugeRainer Werner FassbinderGermany (1969)DVD
DGimme Shelter, The Rolling StonesAlbert & David MayslesUSA (1970)DVD
FGo Between, TheJoseph LoseyEngland (1971)VHS
FGentlemen of FortuneAleksandr SeryRussia (1971)DVD
FGodfather, TheFrancis Ford CoppolaUSA (1972)DVD/VHS
FGlass Menagerie, TheAnthony HarveyUSA (1973)DVD
DGreat Ecstasy of the Sculptor Steiner, The; How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck; La SoufrièreWerner HerzogGermany (1974)DVD
FGodfather, The: Part IIFrancis Ford CoppolaUSA (1974)DVD/VHS
DGeneral Idi Amin DadaBarbet SchroederUSA (1974)DVD
FGalileoJoseph LoseyEngland (1974)DVD
DGrey GardensEllen & Albert Maysles HovdeUSA (1975)DVD
DGrin Without a Cat, AChris MarkerFrance (1977)DVD
FGo Tell the SpartansTed PostUSA (1977)VHS
FGreen Room, TheFrancois TruffautFrance (1978)VHS
DGermany in AutumnAlexander KlugeWest Germany (1978)DVD
FGet Out Your HandkerchiefsBertrand BlierFrance (1978)DVD/VHS
FGetting of Wisdom, TheBruce BeresfordAustralia (1978)DVD
FGift of Love, TheDon ChaffeyUSA (1978)DVD
FGuaguasiJorge UllaCuba (1979)DVD
FGolden Honeymoon, TheNoel BlackUSA (1980)DVD
FGods Must Be Crazy, TheJamie UysUSA (1980)DVD/VHS
FGermany, Pale MotherHelma Sanders-BrahmsGermany (1980)DVD
FGhostsElijah MoshinskyUnited Kingdom (1981)DVD
FGallipoliPeter WeirAustralia (1981)DVD/VHS
FGoing GentlyStephen FrearsUnited Kingdom (1981)DVD
DGolden Age of Comedy, TheRobert YoungsonUSA (1981)VHS
FGandhiRichard AttenboroughUSA (1982)DVD/VHS
FGo Tell It on the MountainStan LathanUSA (1984)VHS
DGeneration Apart, AJack FisherUSA (1984)DVD
DGoing Hollywood: The ThirtiesJulian SchlossbergUSA (1984)VHS
FGreat Performances (Frances, Plenty, Tender Mercies)Burce & Fred Schepisi BeresfordN/A (1985)DVD
DGod's Country...of HappinessLouis MalleUSA (1986)DVD
FGirl from HunanXie & U Lan FeiChina (1986)VHS
FGinger and FredFederico FelliniItaly (1986)DVD
FGood Morning, VietnamBarry LevinsonUSA (1987)VHS
FGood Morning, BabylonPaolo & Vittorio TavianiItaly (1987)VHS
FGrave of the FirefliesIsao TakahataJapan (1988)DVD
DGeronimo and the Apache ResistanceN/A N/AUSA (1988)DVD
FGorillas in the MistMichael AptedUSA (1988)DVD
FGods Must be Crazy, The: IIJamie UysUSA (1988)DVD
DGates of HeavenErrol MorrisUSA (1988)DVD/VHS
FGodzilla vs. BiollanteKazuki OhmoriJapan (1989)VHS
FGodfather, The: Part IIIFrancis Ford CoppolaUSA (1990)DVD/VHS
FGoodFellasMartin ScorseseUSA (1990)DVD/VHS
FGloryEdward ZwickUSA (1990)VHS
DGathering of Men, AWayne EwingUSA (1990)VHS
DGod and Politics - The Battle for the BibleBill MoyersUSA (1992)DVD
FGlengarry Glen RossJames FoleyUSA (1992)DVD
DGod and Politics-The Kingdom DividedBill MoyersUSA (1992)DVD
DGod and Politics - On Earth as it is In HeavenBill MoyersUSA (1992)DVD
DGriffith, D.W.: Father of FilmKevin & David Gill BrownlowUSA (1993)DVD
FGuncrazyTamra DavisUSA (1993)VHS
FGlass Shield, TheCharles BurnettFrance; USA (1994)DVD
DGang WarsMarc LevinUSA (1994)DVD
FGarden of Eden, TheMaria NovaroMexico (1994)DVD
DGreat Tales in Asian ArtPerry Miller AdatoUSA (1995)DVD/VHS
FGreat African Films - Vol 1: HaramuyaDrissa ToureBurkina Faso (1995)DVD
FGood Men, Good WomenHsiao-Hsien HouTaiwan (1995)DVD
DGesualdo: Death for Five VoicesWerner HerzogGermany (1995)DVD
DGreat Day in Harlem, AJean BachUSA (1995)VHS
FGuantanameraTomas; Alea; Juan Carlos Tabio GutierrezCuba (1995)DVD/VHS
FGuimba the TyrantCheick Oumar SissokoMali (1995)DVD/VHS
DGate of Heavenly Peace, TheCarma & Richard Gordon HintonUSA (1995)VHS
DGreat Pyramids, The; Ancient MysteriesLisa BourgoujianUSA (1996)VHS
FGoodbye South, GoodbyeHsiao-Hsien HouTaiwan (1996)DVD
FGabbehMohsen MakhmalbafIran (1996)DVD
DGuevara, Ernesto Che: The Bolivian DiaryRichard DindoFrance (1997)VHS
DGandhi: Pilgrim of PeaceNoah MorowitzUSA (1997)DVD/VHS
DGeorge Armstrong Custer: America's Golden CavalierBiography ChannelUSA (1997)DVD
FGood Will HuntingGus Van SantUSA (1997)VHS
FGoverness, TheSandra GoldbacherUSA (1997)VHS
FGreen FishChang-dong LeeSouth Korea (1997)DVD
FGreat African Films - Vol 1: Faraw: Mother of the DunesAbdoulaye AscofareMali (1997)DVD
FGreat African Films - Vol 3: The Desert ArkMohamed ChouikhAlgeria (1997)DVD
FGringuitoSergio CastillaChile (1998)DVD
FGeneral, TheJohn BoormanUSA (1998)DVD/VHS
FGoing to School with Dad on My BackZhou YouchaouChina (1998)DVD
FGods and MonstersBill CondonUSA (1998)VHS
FGirl in the Sneakers, TheRassul Sadr AmeliIran (1998)DVD
FGirl, InterruptedJames MangoldGermany (1999)VHS
FGenesisCheick Oumar SissokoMali (1999)DVD
DGoodall, Jane: Reason for HopeEmily GoldbergUSA (1999)DVD
DGleaners and I, TheAgnes VardaFrance (2000)DVD
DGrandma's HairpinHsiao Chu-chenTaiwan (2000)DVD
FGirl FightKaryn KusamaUSA (2000)VHS
DGreat ApesWolfgang BayerUSA (2000)VHS
DGood Kurds, Bad KurdsKevin McKiernanUSA (2000)VHS
DGraham,Martha: in PerformanceNathan KrollUSA (2000)DVD
FGeorge WashingtonDavid Gordon GreenUSA (2000)DVD/VHS
FGladiatorRidley ScottUSA (2000)DVD/VHS
DGaines, Ernest: Talking About “A Leson Before Dying”NA C-SPANUSA (2000)VHS
FGolden Bowl, TheJames IvoryUSA & France (2000)DVD
FGosford ParkRobert AltmanUSA (2001)DVD
FGreat African Films - Vol 2: Sia, The Dream of the PythonDani KouyateBurkina Faso (2001)DVD
DGarvey, MarcusStanley NelsonUSA (2001)DVD
DGaza StripJames LongleyUSA (2001)DVD
FGhost WorldTerry ZwigoffUSA (2001)VHS
DGoya: Crazy Like a GeniusRobert HughesUSA (2002)DVD
DGalileo's Battle for the HeavensPeter JonesUSA (2002)DVD
DGift of the GameBill HaneyUSA (2002)DVD
FGod is BrazilianCarlos DieguesBrazil (2002)DVD
FGuys, TheJim SimpsonUSA (2002)DVD
FGrande EcoleRobert SalisFrance (2003)DVD
FGoodbye, Lenin!Wolfgang BeckerGermany (2003)DVD
FGangs of New YorkMartin ScorseseUSA (2003)DVD
DGirlhoodLiz GarbusUSA (2003)DVD
FGoodbye, Dragon InnMing-Liang TsaiTaiwan (2003)DVD
FGreat African Films - Vol 2: Tasuma, The FighterDaniel Kollo SanouBurkina Faso (2003)DVD
FGames of Love and ChanceAbdel KechicheFrance (2003)DVD
DGenius: Charles DarwinChris GormlieCanada (2003)DVD
DGin Game, TheArvin BrownUSA (2003)DVD
FGirl with a Pearl EarringPeter WebberEngland (2003)DVD
DGod and Buddha: A DialogueDeepak & Robert Thurman ChopraUSA (2003)DVD
FGinger and CinnamonDaniele LuchettiItaly (2003)DVD
DGuerilla: The Taking of Patty HearstRobert StoneUSA (2004)DVD
DGhosts of RwandaGreg BarkerUSA (2004)DVD
DGunner PalaceMichael & Petra Epperlein TuckerUSA (2004)DVD
DGlass, Philip - Looking GlassEric DarmonUSA (2004)DVD
DGreat Religions of the WorldN/A N/AN/A (2004)DVD
DGenesis: A Living Conversation - The Test / Blessed DeceptionCatherine TatgeUSA (2005)DVD
DGrizzly ManWerner HerzogUSA (2005)DVD
DGenesis: A Living Conversation - In God's Image / TemptationCatherine TatgeUSA (2005)DVD
FGood Night, and Good LuckGeorge ClooneyUSA (2005)DVD
DGenesis: A Living Conversation - The First Murder / ApocalypseCatherine TatgeUSA (2005)DVD
DGenesis: A Living Conversation - God Wrestling / ExileCatherine TatgeUSA (2005)DVD
DGenesis: A Living Conversation - Call and Promise / A Family AffairCatherine TatgeUSA (2005)DVD
FGhostsChristian PetzoldGermany (2005)DVD
DGod Sleeps in RwandaKimberlee & Stacy Sherman AcquaroUSA (2005)DVD
DGrace Lee Project, TheGrace LeeUSA (2005)DVD
FGabriellePatrice ChereauFrance (2005)DVD
DGlobal Warming: The Signs and the ScienceMichael TaylorUSA (2005)DVD
DGinsberg, Allen; The Life and Times ofJerry AronsonUSA (2005)DVD
DGoodall, Jane: The Return to GombeMark BristowUSA (2005)DVD
DGallipoliTolga OrnekTurkey (2005)DVD
DGates, TheAntonio & Albert Maysles FerreraUSA (2005)DVD
DGuns, Germs and SteelTim LambertUSA (2005)DVD
DGenghis Khan: Rise of the ConquerorDiscovery ChannelCanada (2006)DVD
FGreat Match, TheGerardo OlivaresMongolia; Niger; Brazil (2006)DVD
FGuatemalan Handshake, TheTodd RohalUSA (2006)DVD
DGods and GoddessesThe History ChannelUSA (2006)DVD
FGrbavica: The Land of My DreamsJasmila ZbanicBosnia/Herzegovina (2006)DVD
FGreat African Films - Vol 3: DarattMahamet-Saleh HarounChad (2006)DVD
FGo Master, TheTian ZhuangzhuangChina (2006)DVD
DGod Grew Tired of UsChristopher Dillon & Tommy Walker QuinnUSA (2006)DVD
DGuthrie, Woody: American MastersPeter FrumkinUSA (2006)DVD
FGlueAlexis Dos SantosArgentina (2006)DVD
DGoodbye MomoLeonardo RicagniUruguay (2006)DVD
FGolden Door, TheEmanuele CrialeseItaly (2006)DVD
DGoal DreamsMaya SanbarPalestine (2006)DVD
DGangsters' God, TheHo Chao-tiTaiwan (2006)DVD
DGround Truth, ThePatricia FoulkrodUSA (2006)DVD
DGolden VenturePeter CohnUSA (2007)VHS
DGlass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve PartsScott HicksAustralia/USA (2007)DVD
DGreatest Generation, The; with Tom Brokaw; Memories of WWIINews NBCUSA (2007)DVD
DGreatest Generation, The: With Tom BrokawNew NBCUSA (2007)DVD
FGirl by the Lake, TheAndrea MolaioliItaly (2007)DVD
FGone With the Woman ("Tatt av kvinnen")Petter NaessNorway (2007)DVD
FGreat Debaters, TheDenzel WashingtonUSA (2007)DVD
DGuarantee, TheJesse EpsteinUSA (2007)DVD
FGrocer's Son, TheEric GuiradoFrance (2007)DVD
DGhosts of Abu GhraibRory KennedyUSA (2007)DVD
DGuthrie, Woody: Ain't Got No HomePublic Broadcasting ServiceUSA (2007)DVD
DGraham, Martha: Dance on FilmCriterion CollectionUSA (2007)DVD
DGreatest Silence, The: Rape in the CongoLisa F. JacksonCongo (2007)DVD
DGreatest Generation, The; with Tom Brokaw; The Greatest Generation Speaks, D-Day: A Leap Into HistoryNews NBCUSA (2007)DVD
FGetting Home (Luo Ye Gui Gen)Zhang YangChina (2007)DVD
FGodsJosue MendezPeru; Argentina; France; Germany (2008)DVD
DGriefwalkerTim WilsonCanada (2008)DVD
DGoing on 13Kristy & Dawn Valadez Guevara-FlanaganUSA (2008)DVD
DGangesTom Hugh-JonesEngland (2008)DVD
FGomorrahMatteo GarroneItaly (2008)DVD
FGoodbye SoloRamin BahraniUSA (2008)DVD
DGarden, TheScott Hamilton KennedyUSA (2008)DVD
FGod on TrialAndy DeEmmonyUK (2008)DVD
DGeorges Melies: First Wizard of Cinema (1896-1913)Georges MeliesUSA (2008)DVD
DGoodall, Jane: When Animals TalkJoanne ScoffieldUSA (2008)DVD
DGenius of Charles Darwin, TheRussell BarnesEngland (2008)DVD
FGiganteAdrian BiniezUruguay; Argentina; Germany; Spain (2009)DVD
DGreat DirectorsAngela IsmailosUSA (2009)DVD
FGirl on the Train, TheAndre TechineFrance (2009)DVD
FGeorgia O' KeeffeBob BalabanUSA (2009)DVD
DGenius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn GouldMichele & Peter Raymont HozerCanada (2009)DVD
DGood HairJeff StilsonUSA (2009)DVD
DGood Soldier, TheLexy & Michael Uys LovellUSA (2009)DVD
DGabriel García MárquezGabriel Garcia MárquezColombia (2010)DVD
FGood Day to Die, ADavid and Lynn Salt MuellerUSA (2010)DVD
DGaslandJosh FoxUSA (2010)DVD
DGhosts of Machu PicchuOwen PalmquistUSA (2010)DVD
FGallantsClement Sze-Kit & Chi-kin Kwok ChengHong Kong (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: MichelangeloThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: Darwinian RevolutionThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: Vikings, TheThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: Conservative TraditionThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: Human Prehistory and the First CivilizationsThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: History of Ancient Rome, TheThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: Understanding the Fundamentals of MusicThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: Why Evil ExistsThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: Great American Music: Broadway MusicalsThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: Philosophy of ReligionThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: Skeptics and BelieversThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: How to Listen to and Understand OperaThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGreat Courses: Biblical Wisdom LiteratureThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (2010)DVD
DGeorge Harrison: Living in the Material WorldMartin ScorseseUSA (2011)DVD
DGranitoPamela YatesUSA; Guatemala; Spain (2011)DVD
DGirl ModelDavid & Ashley Sabin RedmonUSA (2011)DVD
FGoatsChristopher NeilUSA (2012)DVD
FGloriaSebastion LelioChile (2013)DVD
FGreat Beauty, ThePaolo SorrentinoItaly (2013)DVD
FGravityAlfonso CuaronUSA (2013)DVD
FGabrielleLouise ArchambaultCanada (2013)DVD
DGod Loves UgandaRoger Ross WilliamsUSA (2013)DVD
FGetting GoCory KrueckebergUSA (2013)DVD
FGrandmaster, TheWong Kar WaiChina (2013)DVD
FGrand Budapest Hotel, TheWes AndersonUSA (2014)DVD
DGreat Courses: African Experience, From "Lucy" to MandelaThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Authors of the Western Literary Tradition, 2nd Edition 14 DVDsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Courses: Conquest of the AmericasThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Courses: Biological Anthropology: an Evolutionary PerspectiveThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Courses: American IdealsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Courses: Aeneid of Virgil, TheThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Courses: World's Greatest PaintingsThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreek Tragedy 4 DVDsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Courses: Dante's Divine ComedyThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Courses: Life Lessons From the Great MythsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Courses: Lost ChristianitiesThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Ideas of Psychology, The 8 DVDsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat American Bestsellers: The Books That Shaped America 4 DVDsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Ideas of Philosophy, The 2nd Edition 10 DVDsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Courses: Life and Work of Mark TwainThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Courses: Joyce's UlyssesThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat Courses: Great Minds of the Eastern Intellectual TraditionThe Teaching Company The Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DGreat World Religions: BuddhismThe Teaching CompanyN/A (N/A)DVD
DGreat Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition, Parts 1-7 14 DVDsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
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