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Documentary Film Series Finale
4/26/2015 2:00:00 PM-4/26/2015 5:00:00 PM
Spring 2015 Seventeenth Annual Documentary Film Series Walls and Bridges Sundays, 2:00 p.m. Kerr McGee Auditorium Meinders School of Business NW 27th and Blackwelder “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi FREE ADMISSION OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Thatcher Hoffman Smith Endowment Fund
For more info: www.okcu.edu/film-lit/

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*TitleDirectorCountry (Year)Format
FChaplin at Keystone: An International Collaboration of 34 Original FilmsMack & Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Henry Lerman, George Nichols SennettUSA (1914)DVD
FChaplin's Essanay Comedies Vol. 1 : His New Job; A Night Out; The Champion; In The Park; A Jitney ElopementCharles ChaplinUSA (1915)DVD
FChaplin's Essanay Comedies Vol. 3 : Shanghaied; A Night in the Show; Police; Burlesque on "Carmen"; Triple TroubleCharles ChaplinUSA (1915)DVD
FCheat, The (Pre-Code Hollywood Collection)Cecil B. DeMilleUSA (1915)DVD
FChaplin, Charlie Collection: By the Sea; The Bank; Shanghaied; A Night at the Show; Caught in A Cabaret; Mabel's Busy Day; The Masquerader; The Rounders; In the ParkCharlie ChaplinUSA (1915)VHS
FChaplin's Essanay Comedies Vol. 2 : The Tramp; By The Sea; Work; A Woman; The Bank; His RegenerationCharles ChaplinUSA (1915)DVD
DChaplin's Goliath : In Search of Scotlands Forgotten StarKevin MacdonaldUSA (1917)DVD
FChaplin Mutuals Vol. 3, The : One A.M.; The Pawn Shop; The Floorwalker; The RinkCharles ChaplinUSA (1917)DVD
FChaplin Mutuals Vol. 2, The : The Count; The Vagabond; The Fireman; Behind the ScreenCharles ChaplinUSA (1917)DVD
FChaplin Mutuals Vol. 1, The : The Immigrant; The Adventurer; The Cure; Easy SteetCharles ChaplinUSA (1917)DVD
FCabinet of Dr. Caligari, TheRobert WieneUSA (1919)DVD/VHS
FCamilleRay C. SmallwoodUSA (1921)DVD
FCovered Wagon, TheJames CruzeUSA (1923)VHS
FCollege (Art of Buster Keaton, The)James W. HorneUSA (1927)DVD
FComplete Metropolis, TheFritz LangGermany (1927)DVD
FChampagne (Alfred Hitchcock: The Legend Begins)Alfred HitchcockUK (1928)DVD
FCrowd, TheKing VidorUSA (1928)VHS
FComplete Jean Vigo, The (Criterion Collection)Jean VigoFrance (1930)DVD
FCity LightsCharlie ChaplinUSA (1931)VHS
FCongress DancesErik CharellGermany (1931)VHS
FCaptain BloodMichael CurtizUSA (1935)VHS
FCamilleGeorge CukorUSA (1936)DVD
FCharge of the Light Brigade, TheMichael CurtizUSA (1936)VHS
FChaplin Collection, The: Volume One: Modern Times; The Great Dictator; The Gold Rush; LimelightCharlie ChaplinUSA (1936)DVD
DCocaine FiendsWiliam A. O’ConnorUSA (1936)VHS
FChristmas in JulyPreston SturgesUSA (1940)DVD
FCitizen KaneOrson WellesUSA (1941)DVD/VHS
FCasablancaMichael CurtizUSA (1942)DVD/VHS
FColt ComradesLesley SelanderUSA (1943)VHS
FChildren Are Watching UsVittorio De SicaItaly (1944)DVD
FCisco Kid; South of the Rio GrandeLambert HillyerUSA (1945)VHS
FCaesar and Cleopatra (Eclipse Series 20: George Bernard Shaw On Film)Gabriel PascalUK (1945)DVD
FChildren of ParadiseMarcel CarneFrance (1945)DVD
FCrisis (Eclipse Series 1: Early Bergman)Ingmar BergmanSweden (1946)DVD
FCopacabanaAlfred E. GreenUSA (1947)VHS
FCriss CrossRobert SiodmakUSA (1948)VHS
FCall North Side 777Henry HathawayUSA (1948)VHS
FConspiratorVictor SavilleUSA (1949)VHS
FChampagne for CaesarRichard WhorfUSA (1950)VHS
FCyrano De BergeracMichael GordonUSA (1950)VHS
DCalloway, Cab and his Orchestra: Stars of the Cotton ClubClassics JazzUSA (1950)VHS
FCasque d'OrJacques BeckerFrance (1952)DVD
FCome Back, Little ShebaDaniel MannUSA (1952)DVD
FCountry Girl, TheGeorge SeatonUSA (1954)DVD
FCourt-Martial of Billy Mitchell, TheOtto PremingerUSA (1955)VHS
FChaney Vase, The (Alfred Hitchcock: The Legend Begins)Robert StevensUSA (1955)DVD
FCrime of PassionGerd OswaldUSA (1956)VHS
FCrazed FruitNakahira KoJapan (1956)DVD
FCranes are Flying, TheMikheil KalatozishviliRussia (1957)DVD
FCat on a Hot Tin RoofRichard BrooksUSA (1958)DVD
FCairo StationYoussef ChahineEgypt (1958)DVD
FCleo from 5 to 7Agnes VardaFrance (1961)DVD/VHS
FCherry Orchard, TheMichel Saint-DenisUnited Kingdom (1962)DVD
FCleopatraJoseph L. MankiewiczUnited Kingdom; USA; Switzerland (1963)DVD
FContemptJean-Luc GodardFrance (1963)DVD
FCheyenne AutumnJohn FordUSA (1964)DVD
FCharulataSatyajit RayIndia (1964)VHS
FClosely Watched TrainsJiri MenzelCzechoslovakia (1966)DVD/VHS
FCul-de-sac (Criterion Collection)Roman PolanskiUnited Kingdom (1966)DVD
FChase, TheArthur PennUSA (1966)VHS
FCool Hand LukeStuart RosenbergUSA (1967)DVD
FCapricious SummerJiri MenzelCzechoslovakia (1968)DVD
FCharge of the Light Brigade, TheTony RichardsonUSA (1968)VHS
DCalcuttaLouis MalleFrance (1969)DVD
FCow, TheDariush MehrjuiIran (1969)DVD
DCivilization SeriesLord Kenneth ClarkEngland (1969)VHS
FCatch-22Mike NicholsUSA (1970)DVD/VHS
FClaire's KneeEric RohmerFrance (1970)DVD
FConformist, TheBernardo BertolucciItaly (1970)DVD/VHS
DCiao Federico!Gideon BachmanUSA (1970)VHS
FClockwork OrangeStanley KubrickUSA (1971)DVD
DClowns, TheFederico FelliniItaly (1971)DVD/VHS
FCarnal KnowledgeMike NicholsUSA (1971)VHS
FCries and WhispersIngmar BergmanSweden (1972)DVD
FChloe in the AfternoonEric RohmerFrance (1972)VHS
FCries and WhispersIngmar BergmanSweden (1972)DVD/VHS
FCabaretBob FosseUSA (1972)DVD
DConcert for Bangladesh, TheSaul SwimmerUSA (1972)DVD
FChac: The Rain GodRolando KleinMexico (1974)DVD
FConversation, TheFrancis Ford CoppolaUSA (1974)DVD
FChinatownRoman PolanskiUSA (1974)DVD/VHS
DCartesiusRoberto RosselliniItaly (1974)DVD
DChristo & Jeanne-Claude, 5 Films About; Christo's Valley Curtain; Running the Fence; Islands; Christo in Paris; UmbrellasAlbert & David MayslesUSA (1974)DVD
FCarrieBrian De PalmaUSA (1976)DVD
FCasanovaFederico FelliniItaly (1976)DVD
FCria CuervosCarlos SauraSpain (1976)DVD/VHS
FCoup de GraceVolker SchlondorhoffFrance (1976)DVD
FChess Players, TheSatyajit RayIndia (1977)DVD
FClose Encounters of the Third KindSteven SpielbergUSA (1977)DVD/VHS
FComing HomeHal AshbyUSA (1978)DVD/VHS
FChant of Jimmie BlacksmithFred SchepisiAustralia (1978)DVD
FCycle, TheDariush MehrjuiIran (1978)DVD
FChrist Stopped at EboliFrancesco RosiItaly (1979)DVD
DCambodia: This Shattered LandPhil LewisUSA (1980)DVD
FCity of WomenFederico FelliniItaly (1981)DVD
FCherry Orchard, TheRichard EyreUnited Kingdom (1981)DVD
FCeciliaHumberto SolasCuba (1981)DVD
FChariots of FireHugh HudsonEngland (1981)DVD/VHS
FCoup de TorchonBertrand TavernierFrance (1981)DVD
FCutter’s WayIvan PasserUSA (1981)VHS
FCircle of DeceitVolker SchlondorffWest Germany (1981)DVD
FChosen, TheJeremy Paul KaganUSA (1981)DVD
FCammina, Cammina (Keep Walking)Ermanno OlmiItaly (1982)DVD
FColor of Pomegranates, TheSergei ParadjanovSoviet Union (1982)DVD
DChaplin: A Character is BornCharlie ChaplinUSA (1982)VHS
DCome Along with MeJoanne WoodwardUSA (1982)DVD
FCarmenCarlos SauraSpain (1983)DVD
FConfidentially YoursFrancois TruffautFrance (1983)DVD
FCamilaMaria Luisa BembergArgentina (1984)DVD/VHS
FCotton Club, TheFrancis Ford CoppolaUSA (1984)DVD
FCareful, He Might Hear YouCarl SchultzAustralia (1984)DVD/VHS
FChildren of the CornFritz KierschUSA (1984)DVD
FCamilleDesmond DavisUnited Kingdom; USA (1984)DVD
FCome and SeeElem KlimovRussia (1985)DVD
FColor Purple, TheSteven SpielbergUSA (1985)DVD
FCoca-Cola Kid, TheDusan MakavejevAustralia (1985)VHS
FCaravaggioDerek JarmanUnited Kingdom (1986)DVD
DCelts, The: Rich Traditions and Ancient MythsDavid RichardsonEngland (1986)VHS
FCab Calloway and His OrchestraN/A N/AUSA (1986)VHS
FCry FreedomRichard AttenboroughUnited Kingdom (1987)DVD
DCampbell, Joseph: The Hero's Journey; A Biographical PortraitJanelle & David Kennard BalnickeUSA (1987)DVD
FCobra VerdeWerner HerzogGermany (1987)DVD/VHS
DCharles Darwin: Evolution's VoiceDon CambouUSA (1987)DVD
FCamp de ThiaroyeOusmane & Thierno Faty Sow SembeneSenegal (1988)DVD
FChina BeachRod HolcombUSA (1988)VHS
DCane Toads: An Unnatural HistoryMark LewisAustralia (1988)DVD
FChocolate War, TheKeith GordonUSA (1988)DVD
FChocolatClaire DenisFrance (1988)DVD
DConfessionAleksandr SokurovRussia (1989)DVD
DCommon Threads - Stories from the QuiltRob & Jeffrey Friedman EpsteinUSA (1989)DVD
FCrimes and MisdemeanorsWoody AllenUSA (1989)DVD/VHS
FComing OutHeiner CarowEast Germany (1989)DVD
FCasualties of WarBrian DePalmaUSA (1989)VHS
FCyclist, TheMohsen MakhmalbafIran (1989)DVD/VHS
FCity of Sadness, AHsiao-Hsien HouTaiwan (1989)DVD
FClose-Up (Criterion Collection)Abbas KiarostamiIran (1990)DVD
FCan You Hear Me Thinking?Christopher MorahanUnited Kingdom (1990)DVD
FCinema ParadisoGiuseppe TornatoreItaly (1990)DVD/VHS
DCrash of 1929, The: American ExperienceEllen & Muffie Meyer HovdeUSA (1990)DVD
FCape FearMartin ScorseseUSA (1991)VHS
FCup FinalEran RiklisIsrael (1991)DVD/VHS
FChildren of NatureFridrik Thor FridrikssonIceland (1991)VHS
DColes, Robert: TeacherN/A N/AUSA (1991)VHS
FCrying Game, TheNeil JordanIreland (1992)DVD/VHS
FClose to EdenNikita MikhalkovRussia (1992)VHS
FCement Garden, TheAndrew BirkinFrance (1992)VHS
DChomsky, Noam: Manufacturing ConsentMark & Peter Wintonick AchbarCanada (1992)DVD
FCarefulGuy MaddinCanada (1993)DVD
FClean ShavenLodge KerriganUSA (1993)DVD
FChild MurdersIldiko SzaboHungary (1993)DVD
FCalendarAtom EgoyanCanada (1993)DVD
DColes, Robert: Listening to Children: A Moral JourneyN/A N/AUSA (1993)VHS
FCabeza de VacaNicolas EchevarriaMexico (1993)VHS
FCelebration at Carnegie Hall, AKirk BrowningUSA (1993)DVD
FCrooklynSpike LeeUSA (1994)DVD
FChungking ExpressKar-Wai WongHong Kong (1994)DVD
DCambodia: Globe TrekkerFrancis & Rik Lander DelaneyUSA (1994)DVD
DCrumbTerry ZwigoffUSA (1994)DVD/VHS
FClockersSpike LeeUSA (1995)DVD
DCrusades Vol. 1 through 4Alan & David Wallace EreiraUSA (1995)VHS
DCarpenters - InterpretationsBilly DiCiccoUSA (1995)DVD
DCrumb (Criterion Collection)Terry ZwigoffUSA (1995)DVD
FCycloAnh Hung TranVietnam (1995)DVD
FCold FeverFridrik FridikssonNorway (1995)VHS
FCasinoMartin ScorseseUSA (1995)DVD
FCloser to HomeJoseph NobileUSA/Philippines (1995)DVD
FChronicle of a DisappearanceElia SuleimanIsrael (1996)DVD/VHS
FCitizen RuthAlexander PayneUSA (1996)DVD
DCentury that Made America Great, The, Vol. 1-3 : The Eagle Soars; Wonders of the Century; Miracles of CommunicationCharles GrinkerUSA (1996)VHS
FCapitaine ConanBertrand TavernierFrance (1996)VHS
DCampbell, Joseph: Mythos IIPBS PBSUSA (1996)DVD
DChildren's Literature Author Tapes: "A Video Visit with Marc Brown, Creator of 'Arthur'": Trumpet Video Visits, Gary Paulsen.Diane & Josalyn Morsn KoylerUSA (1996)VHS
DCelluloid Closet, TheRob EpsteinUSA (1996)DVD
DCitizen Kane, The Battle OverThomas LennonUSA (1996)DVD
FCarla’s SongKen LoachScotland (1996)VHS
FCrazy Stranger, TheTony GatlifFrance/Romania (1997)DVD
FChildren of HeavenMajid MajidiIran (1997)DVD/VHS
FCilantro Y PerejilRafael MonteroMexico (1997)DVD
DColors Straight UpMichéle OhayonUSA (1997)DVD
FCode Name RubyJan NemacCzech Republic (1997)DVD
FCureKiyoshi KurosawaJapan (1997)DVD
DChina: A Century of RevolutionSue WilliamsUSA (1997)DVD
DCampbell, Joseph and Bill Moyers Programs 1-6; The Hero's Adventure; The Power of Myth: The Message of the Myth; The First Storytellers; Sactifice and Bliss; Love and the Goddess; Mask of EternityPBS PBSUSA (1998)DVD/VHS
DConscience of a KlansmanUSA (1998)VHS
FCentral StationWalter SallesBrazil (1998)DVD/VHS
FCelebration, TheThomas VinterbergDenmark (1998)DVD
DCinema Verite: Defining the MomentPeter WintonickCanada (1999)DVD
DChildren of Chabannes, TheLisa & Dean Wetherell GosselsUSA (1999)DVD
DChildren in WarAlan & Susan RaymondUSA (1999)VHS
FClosed Doors, TheAtef HetataEgypt; France (1999)DVD
FCup, TheNorbu KhyentseBhutan (1999)DVD/VHS
FCatfish in Black Bean SauceMuoi Lo ChiUSA (1999)DVD
DCharcoal PeopleNigel NobelBrazil (1999)DVD
FCriminal LoversFrancois OzonFrance (1999)DVD
FColor of Paradise, TheMajid MajidiIran (1999)DVD/VHS
FCrowsDorota KedzierzawskaPoland (1999)VHS
FCome UndoneSebastien LifshitzFrance (2000)DVD
FCrouching Tiger Hidden DragonAng LeeTaiwan (2000)DVD/VHS
DChristianity - The Second Thousand YearsA&E A&EUSA (2000)DVD
DChristianity - The First Thousand YearsA&E A&EUSA (2000)DVD
FChopra, Deepak; Essential DVD Collection - The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The Way of the Wizard, The Crystal Cave, AlchemyDavid M. FoxUSA (2000)DVD
DCurtain CallCharles BravermanUSA (2000)DVD
DConstant Forge, A: The Life and Art of John CassavetesCharles KiselyakUSA (2000)DVD
FChunhyangKwon Taek ImSouth Korea (2000)DVD
FCircle, TheJafar PanahiIran (2000)DVD/VHS
FCast AwayRobert ZemeckisUSA (2000)DVD
FCoronationSilvio CaiozziChile (2000)DVD
DCivil Wrongs and Rights, Of: The Fred Korematsu StoryEric Paul FournierUSA (2001)DVD
DConquistadorsDavid WallaceUSA (2001)VHS
FChicoIbolya FeketeChile (2001)DVD
FCatch Me If You CanSteven SpielbergUSA (2002)DVD
FCuckoo, TheAleksandr RogozhkinRussia (2002)DVD
FCommon GroundAdolfo AristarainArgentina (2002)DVD
FClose to LeoChristophe HonoreFrance (2002)DVD
DChildren UndergroundEdet BelzbergUSA (2002)DVD
FChi-hwa-seonKwom Taek ImSouth Korea (2002)DVD
FCarol's JourneyImanol UribeSpain (2002)DVD
FClay Bird, TheTareque MasudFrance/Bangladesh (2002)DVD
FCrime of Padre AmaroCarlos CarreraMexico (2002)DVD
FChicagoRob MarshallUSA (2002)DVD
DCarter, Jimmy: American ExperienceN/A N/AUSA (2002)DVD
FCity of GodFernando & Katia Lund MeirellesBrazil (2002)DVD
DChomsky, Noam: Power and Terror in our TimesJohn JunkermanUSA (2002)DVD
FCity of No Limits, TheAntonio HernandezSpain/Argentina (2002)DVD
DCentury of the SelfAdam CurtisUnited Kingdom (2002)DVD
FCarandiruHector BabencoBrazil/Argentina (2003)DVD
DChomsky, Noam: Distorted MoralityMartin VoelkenUSA (2003)DVD
FCasa de los BabysJohn SaylesUSA/Mexico (2003)DVD
DCapturing the FriedmansAndrew JareckiUSA (2003)DVD
FCandide, Leonard Bernstein'sLonny PriceUSA (2003)DVD
DChomsky, Noam: Rebel Without a PauseWill PascoeCanada (2003)DVD
FCrimson GoldJafar PanahiIran (2003)DVD
FCafé LumiereHsiao-Hsien HouTaiwan (2003)DVD
DCheckpointYoav ShamirIsrael (2003)DVD
DConcert for George, ADavid LelandUnited Kingdom (2003)DVD
DCongo: White King, Red Rubber, Black DeathPeter BateCanada/Australia (2003)DVD
DCollins, Billy: On the Road with the Poet LaureateRichard B. WoodwardUSA (2003)DVD
FCollateralMichael MannUSA (2004)DVD
FCampfireCedar JosephIsrael (2004)DVD
DCrisis of Faith, ADikran Janus KadagianUSA (2004)DVD
DControl RoomJehane NoujaimUSA (2004)DVD
DCSA: Confederate States of AmericaKevin WillmottUSA (2004)DVD
FCartoon Craze: Daffy Duck and the DinosaurN/A N/AUSA (2004)DVD
FCartoon Craze--Bugs Bunny: Falling HareN/A N/AUSA (2004)DVD
DColor of Love, TheMaryam KeshavarzUSA; Iran (2004)DVD
FCloserMike NicholsUSA (2004)DVD
FChorus, TheChristophe BarratierFrance (2004)DVD
DConscientious Objector, TheTerry BenedictUSA (2004)DVD
DCutting Edge, TheWendy AppleUSA (2004)DVD
FCrashPaul HaggisUSA (2004)DVD
DCorporation, TheMark, Jennifer Abbott & Joel Bakan AchbarCanada (2004)DVD
DCastro, FidelAdrianna BoschUSA (2005)DVD
DCult of the Suicide Bomber, TheRobert & Kevin Toolis BattyUK (2005)DVD
DCrusades, The: Crescent & the CrossStuart & Mark Lewis ElliotUnited Kingdom (2005)DVD
DCountry BoysDavid SutherlandUSA (2005)DVD
FCave of the Yellow Dog, TheByambasuren DavaaGermany/Mongolia (2005)DVD
FCinema, Aspirins and VulturesMarcelo GomesBrazil (2005)DVD
DChina BlueMicha X. PeledUSA (2005)DVD
FCapoteBennett MillerUSA (2005)DVD
DChildren Will ListenCharlene GilbertUSA (2005)DVD
DCapote, TrumanA&E A&EUSA (2005)DVD
DCather, Willa: The Road is AllJoel GeyerUSA (2005)DVD
DCarter Family, TheKathy ConkwrightUSA (2005)DVD
FConstant Gardener, TheFernando MeirellesEngland (2005)DVD
FC.R.A.Z.Y.Jean-Marc ValléeCanada (2005)DVD
DCrossing the Bridge: The Sound of IstanbulFatih AkinGermany (2005)DVD
DCitizen Kane: A Critical AnalysisRobert McKeeUSA (2005)DVD
FCache (Hidden)Michael HanekeFrance (2005)DVD
DCombat Diary: The Marines of Lima CompanyMichael EpsteinUSA (2006)DVD
FCustodian, TheRodrigo MorenoArgentina; France; Germany; Uruguay (2006)DVD
FClimatesNuri Bilge CeylanTurkey (2006)DVD
DCinematographer StyleJon FauerUSA (2006)DVD
FColossal Youth (Letters From Fontainhas: Three Films By Pedro)Pedro CostaPortugal (2006)DVD
FChoking ManSteve BarronUSA (2006)DVD
FCafe SetarehSaman MoghaddamIran (2006)DVD
FCelestine Prophecy, TheArmand MastroianniUSA (2006)DVD/VHS
DCivil Rights in the DeltaN/A N/AUSA (2006)DVD
DCocaleroAlejandro LandesArgentina (2006)DVD
DCezanne in ProvenceJackson FrostUSA (2006)DVD
FCurse of the Golden FlowerYimou ZhangHong Kong (2006)DVD
DChances of the World Changing, TheEric MetzgarUSA (2006)DVD
FChronicle of an EscapeAdrian CaetanoArgentina (2006)DVD
DChatterley Affair, TheJames HawesUnited Kingdom (2006)DVD
DColor of Olives, TheCarolina RivasMexico / Palestine (2006)DVD
DChurning the Sea of Time: A Journey Up the Mekong to AngkorLes GuthmanUSA (2006)DVD
FChildren of MenAlfonso CuaronUK/USA (2006)DVD
DCinema Asia: South KoreaInsight Media Insight MediaUSA (2007)DVD
DCinema Asia: ChinaInsight Media Insight MediaUSA (2007)DVD
DCampbell, Joseph: SukhavatiMaxine HarrisUSA (2007)DVD
DCinema Asia: IranInsight MediaUSA (2007)DVD
DChina From the InsideJonathan LewisUSA (2007)DVD
FCranfordCurtis SimonUnited Kingdom (2007)DVD
DConfronting the TruthSteve YorkUSA (2007)DVD
DCarter, Jimmy: Man from PlainsJonathan DemmeUSA (2007)DVD
DCamden 28, TheAnthony GiacchinoUSA (2007)DVD
FCaptain Abu RaedAmin MatalqaJordan (2007)DVD
FCalifornia Dreamin'Cristian NemescuRomania (2007)DVD
DCinema Asia: IndiaInsight MediaUSA (2007)DVD
DConstantine's SwordOren JacobyUSA (2007)DVD
DControlAnton CorbijnUSA (2007)DVD
FChop ShopRamin BahraniUSA (2007)DVD
DChildren of the AmazonDenise ZmekholBrazil (2007)DVD
DChiefsDaniel JungeUSA (2007)DVD
DCampaignSoda KazuhiroJapan (2007)DVD
DCompanyLonny PriceUSA (2007)DVD
FCounterfeiters, TheStefan RuzowitzkyAustria (2007)DVD
DClapton, Eric: Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007Martyn AtkinsUSA (2007)DVD
FClose to HomeVardin & Dalia Hager BiluIsrael (2007)DVD
DCapturing Reality: The Art of DocumentaryPepita FerrariCanada (2008)DVD
FChristmas Tale, AArnaud DesplechinFrance (2008)DVD
FCountry Teacher, TheBohdan SlamaCzech Republic (2008)DVD
DCritical ConditionRoger WeisbergUSA (2008)DVD
DClaude Levi-Strauss in His Own WordsPierre-Andre & Annie Chevallay BoutangN/A (2008)DVD
FChe - Part Two: GuerillaSteven SoderberghUSA (2008)DVD
DCrips and Bloods: Made in AmericaStacy PeraltaUSA (2008)DVD
FChaserHong-jin NaSouth Korea (2008)DVD
DCracking the Maya Code - NOVANova NovaUSA (2008)DVD
DCourting JusticeJane Thandi LipmanSouth Africa (2008)DVD
FChe - Part One: ArgentineSteven SoderberghUSA (2008)DVD
FClass, TheLaurent CantetFrance (2008)DVD
DCult of the Suicide Bomber 2, TheRobert & Kevin Toolis BattyUK (2008)DVD
DChoice 2008, TheMichael KirkUSA (2008)DVD
FCollector, TheMarcus DunstanUSA (2009)DVD
FCity of Life and DeathChuan LuChina; Hong Kong (2009)DVD
DChildren of WarBryan SingleUSA (2009)DVD
DCrossing BordersArnd WachterMorocco (2009)DVD
DCoca-Cola Case, TheCarmen & German Gutierrez GarciaCanada (2009)DVD
DConcrete, Steel & PaintCindy & Tony Heriza BursteinUSA (2009)DVD
DCapitalism: A Love StoryMichael MooreUSA (2009)DVD
DCharles Darwin and the Tree of LifeBBC EarthUSA (2009)DVD
DCrudeJoe BerlingerUSA (2009)DVD
DCove, TheLouie PsihoyosUSA (2009)DVD
FChloeAtom EgoyanUSA, Canada, France (2009)DVD
DChildren of GodYi Seung-junNepal (2009)DVD
FCrazy HeartScott CooperUSA (2009)DVD
DCatfishHenry & Ariel Schulman JoostUSA (2010)DVD
FCertified Copy (Criterion Collection)Abbas KiarostamiFrance; Italy; Belgium (2010)DVD
DClient 9Alex GibneyUSA (2010)DVD
FCarlos (Criterion Collection)Olivier AssayasFrance; Germany (2010)DVD
FColors of the Mountain, TheCarlos Cesar ArbelaezColombia; Panama (2010)DVD
FCaterpillarKoji WakamatsuJapan (2010)DVD
DCave of Forgotten DreamsWerner HerzogCanada; USA; France; Germany; United Kingdom (2010)DVD
DColonyDiscovery ChannelUSA (2010)DVD
FCoriolanusRalph FiennesUnited Kingdom (2011)DVD
FClandestine ChildhoodBenjamin AvilaArgentina (2011)DVD
DChautauqua: An American NarrativeJohn GrantUSA (2011)DVD
FCask of Amontillado, TheThad CiechanowskiUSA (2011)DVD
FCircumstanceMaryam KeshavarzFrance; USA; Iran (2011)DVD
FCrazy EnoughLance McDanielUSA (2012)DVD
FCoffee in Berlin, AJan Ole GersterGermany (2012)DVD
FCaesar Must DiePaolo & Vittorio Taviani TavianiItaly (2012)DVD
DCall Me KuchuKatherine & Malika Zouhali-Worrall WrightUSA & Uganda (2012)DVD
DChasing IceJeff OrlowskiUSA (2012)DVD
DCutie and the BoxerZachary HeinzerlingUSA (2013)DVD
FCamille Claudel 1915Bruno DumontFrance (2013)DVD
FCrystal Fairy and the Magical CactusSebastion SilvaChile (2013)DVD
FCaptain PhillipsPaul GreengrassUSA (2013)DVD
DCustoms of the WorldDavid LivermoreUSA (2013)DVD
FChild's PoseCalin NetzerRomania (2013)DVD
DCosmosNeil deGrasse TysonUSA (2014)DVD
DCities of the Ancient WorldSteven TuckUSA (2014)DVD
DCase Against 8, TheBen & Ryan White CotnerUSA (2014)DVD
FCesar ChavezDiego LunaUSA (2014)DVD
DCelebrate What's Right With The WorldN/A N/AUSA (N/A)DVD
DClassical Mythology 4 DVDsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DClassic Novels: Meeting the Challenge of Great Literature 6 DVDsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DClassics of American Literature 14 DVDsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DClassics of Russian Literature 6 DVDsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DCelebrating the Day of the DeadMay HerzMexico (N/A)DVD
DClassics of British Literature 8 DVDsThe Teaching CompanyUSA (N/A)DVD
DChimpanzeesN/A N/AUSA (NA)DVD
FCultural IntifadaMoses SeenarineUSA (USA)DVD
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