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Greetings Campus Community,

It is with great excitement I get to contribute to this week's Friday Forum. With our Three Rs (recruitment, retention, and resources) in mind, Campus Technology Services has been actively working to enhance technologies campus wide, so I am thrilled President Henry offered me the opportunity to share with the campus community some of the many projects we have going on.

Here is a sampling of what we have been up to.

Media Services

A year ago we collaborated with Meinders School of Business to upgrade their two primary event locations: Kerr McGee Auditorium and the Gardner Center.

In Kerr McGee we swapped out the projection system with a high-end projector capable of a much brighter and clearer display. We also removed the massive lectern which took up most of the stage, greatly improved audio capabilities, and implemented new control systems which allow Media Services to manage all aspects of the room with the use of an iPad.

Gardner upgrades included similar audio improvements as well as simplified control systems.

During the past couple of weeks, we tackled improving two other highly used event locations. Leichter Center now has a new projection and audio system and Walker Center 151 has a new projector with a new screen that no longer drags the floor as the previous one did. All of these venues are used by students, faculty, staff, donors, and campus visitors.

Network Services

The demand for wireless networking is growing at a feverish pace with almost any device you can think having wireless connection capabilities.

We continue to expand and improve on our wireless infrastructure to try to keep pace with these demands. Notable enhancements to our wireless network include:
· Drastically improved wireless in Walker Center, increasing the wireless antennae count from 3 to 8.
· We have tripled the number of wireless antennae in Walker Hall dorm.
· A new guest wireless system is in place, providing better security for the campus yet allowing for a simple process for guests to get on our wireless network.
· A new and improved method for configuring devices for our wireless network has been introduced. This new system will configure not only Windows and Mac OSX computers but also iOS, Android, and other device types. This automated configuration can be found at http://wifi.okcu.edu for those interested.
Improvements such as these positively impact our students and in turn, play a role in Oklahoma City University's efforts to increase student recruitment and retention.

Computer Services

Our team has been rolling out something called "folder redirection" and "roaming profiles" that take data off an employee's local Windows desktop and store it securely on our network. This provides many great benefits including nightly backups of a user's important data, the ability for a user to get to their data from any computer they login to on campus, and simplified rollout of new computers for users, reducing the risk of data loss.

Additionally, we have been implementing "virtual desktops" throughout campus. Besides the benefit of CTS being able to more easily support the end users all from a central location, users of virtual desktops can get to their "computer" from almost anywhere without needing to use Remote Desktop. Soon we will be rolling out the ability to connect to these desktops from home without needing VPN.

Other Projects

We have many other projects we have recently completed or currently have in the works. Here are a few of those.

  • D2L upgrade. Version 10 was rolled out leading into this fall semester.

  • Email outsourcing. Over the next year we will slowly start to migrate all employee email to the cloud, providing mailbox quotas 100 times larger than we provide now.

  • Increased departmental network storage. Average departmental network share sizes will be greatly increased over the next 6 months.

  • Improved cell plans. New cell plans for university owned phones will be announced within the next few weeks, reducing rates by almost 50 percent and providing options for carrier selection.

  • Windows 8 and Office 2012. The latest version of Windows and Office is in beta test within CTS now with intentions of making it available for rollout early next year.

As you can see, we have been busy updating and improving the technology resources we support. We look forward to working with everyone on their technology projects and, as always, are grateful for any feedback we receive on ways we can improve our delivery of services.

Gerry Hunt

Chief Information Officer

Campus Technology Services