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Greetings Campus Community,

As a leader in private, liberal arts education, Oklahoma City University continues to implement innovative ways to nurture our students in a campus community that is both caring and creative. Many of you are familiar with our “3 Rs” (recruitment, retention, and resources) that guide our efforts for growing a unique, vibrant, and sustainable university. Today, I want to bring to your attention an initiative focused on our resources.

Increasing our resources is important, and equally important is saving our resources. One area of resource savings I am particularly excited about this year will be in the form of reducing energy consumption. Thanks to proactive efforts by our facilities department, we are already on the cutting edge of energy saving innovations for private colleges and universities. This year, we will further reduce consumption.

Our facilities department has teamed up with THG Energy to implement a school energy plan. You will be learning about the creation of “green teams” on campus, new goals for reducing consumption, and opportunities to involve students in this important process.

Several energy saving measures have already been implemented, including the installation of high efficiency lighting and photosensors to keep lights off when areas are not in use. I am pleased to report that our current plan well exceeds Gov. Mary Fallin’s energy efficiency guidelines for educational institutions.

We have reduced our average monthly energy consumption by 8 percent since 2010, and we look to cut our usage by at least 20 percent in the next seven years. By becoming more energy efficient, we will spend less on operations and free up more funding for educational opportunities for students.

I look forward to working with all of you as our new energy plan unfolds.

As always, send me questions, comments, rebuttals, or great thoughts!