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Priddy Fellows Learning Community Overview

2009 Priddy Fellows

2008 Priddy Fellows
& Arts Integrated Courses

2007 Priddy Fellows

2006 Priddy Fellows

2006 Priddy I Fellows

Marie Hooper, History
Jody Horn, Justice Studies
Marsha Keller, English
Fritz Kiersch, Moving Images
Judith Palladino, Theater
David Pasto, Theater
Terry Phelps, English
Jerry Stewart, Photography

2006 Arts Immersion Experience
Location: Santa Fe

Spring 2007 Semester Courses

List of arts-integrated courses taught by Priddy I Fellows

From Script to Screen, taught by Terry Phelps and Fritz Kiersch
The Rhetorics of Art: Image, Performance, and Sound, taught by Marsha Keller
Symbolism, Ritualism, and Peacemaking, taught by Jerry Stewart and Jody Horn
Science on the Stage, taught by David Pasto
Theatre as a Catalyst for Learning and Teaching, taught by Judith Palladino
World Civilization to 1500, taught by Marie Hooper


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